Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

My sister Kim is here from New York. She got in LATE Wednesday's/Thursday. Then my brother and his wife got here Thursday night and I got to meet me niece Bradlie for the first time. It was so fun although Tyler hasn't gone near the baby which frightens me a little bit! But hopefully we'll get over that. Her are a million pictures again. I'll try and explain as I go this time.

Here are all of my Bradlie pictures. Isn't she cute?! Kim bought her those sunglasses and she wore them so good. I got like 30 pictures of her wearing them. For those who don't know my family, Bradlie is my brother Scott's baby who is holding her in one of the pictures.

I told my mom that we needed to get all three of the grand kids on the couch to take a picture of them. Yeah, that just wasn't going to happen because we couldn't get Tyler close enough to Bradlie. Noah LOVES babies so that was no problem. Finally we just had Tyler go sit on the floor in front of the couch and I clicked a picture. It's as good as it is going to get probably.

Later that night after dinner we went swimming. My parents live where they have an association fee and part of that goes to the pool that everyone can use. It's nice because they have an outside pool and an inside pool. All of us walked down there. Tyler was SO excited. It has been over a year since he has been in a BIG pool. He had so much fun!


This is my brother Scott and his wife Lauren. She just popped out a baby and still looks that great! Isn't it sickening! haha

This is a group shot. Kirsty, Kim, Bradlie, Lauren, Noah, Tyler, Me and Scottie.

Here is all of us swimming.

We figured we would have to drag Tyler out of the pool kicking and screaming. Towards the end of the night he got soooooooooo tired I thought he was gonna fall asleep on the raft with Aunt Kimmie. Then all of the sudden he jumped out of the pool, ran to the door and said, "Let's go momma!" haha Kids!

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Crystal said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Yay for swimming pools with HOA fees! HAHA. That's how we have a pool we regularly use. I love it. It's nice that everyone got together for the holiday!