Friday, July 18, 2008


I used to write poetry pretty much all the time. i have stacks and stacks of poems. Probably any where from 200 to 300 of them. I'm not saying they were good, I'm just saying I used to write constantly. Now I either d9on't have anything to write about or I don't have time. Sometimes I get the urge but just have nothing to say. Lately I have been wanting to write something but nothing has been coming. I finally forced myself to sit down and write something. I didn't like anything that was coming out. Finally I wrote a short something but didn't finish it because I didn't like all of it and couldn't think of how to fix it. Today I picked it back up read it once and fixed it right away. Now I really like it. :) So anyways...I wrote this for Cody.


I love you
Sometimes that's all that I can say
I love you
Three simple words that bare my soul and reveal my heart
I love you
And in that short sentence happiness overwhelms me
I love you
That's all it takes
Because in a split second you whisper
I love you too
And my life is complete

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Allison said...

That's really pretty, Katie. You're so artsy-fartsy, I like it, because I'm not at all. The blog is as good as I get.