Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy Terrible Two's

Oh my GOSH! I was about to kill my kid today. We have been in the house for a couple of days straight basically ( unless you count going to church Sunday, which I don't! ). We tried to make plans with my sister but she got busy so then we tried to make plans with my dad but something happened with him so I said, "Screw it, I'm going to get dinner by myself." We open the garage and its POURING! But not only is it pouring, it's windy and the rain was basically coming in sideways. I got drenched! So we said forget it. Thank goodness too because then it started hailing which seems so weird since it's in the 90's here. It got CRAZY for a little bit. we couldn't even see the houses across from us. Once it calmed down and my dad got home we decided to try and get dinner and then do a little window shopping so Tyler could run around a get out of the house a little bit. WOW! how horrible wrong that went. Tyler didn't want to sit with us, he wanted to run around and he didn't want to eat his dinner. Finally my dad grabs him and takes him outside, which Tyler just loses it. Finally I get him and hold him for a minute and he keeps saying "Go shopping momma" I said, "Are you gonna be a good boy?" and he says yes. LIAR! haha HE ran into the store with grandma and I was throwing something away outside, because I wasn't IN the store with them, he freaked out again and started crying and screaming. I go inside to try and calm him down and he just keeps losing it. I picked him up and he was trying to hit me and kick me and I carry him out of the store. The problem was we couldn't find my dad and he had the keys. My dad had gone to the bathroom so once he got back we walked out to the car and the whole time Tyler is screaming, "I want to go shopping momma" GRRRRRRRRRR! He basically kick and screamed and tried to hit me for 10 minutes in the car. YUP! It was a fun filled day! BORING, RAINY, and FRUSTRATING! Tomorrow I am supposed to go do blood work. Grandpa is going to help me before he has to go to work at 12. Wish me luck because if I don't get my kid out of the house tomorrow to do some kind of fun he is going to LOSE IT which means MOMMY IS GOING TO LOSE IT!

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