Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Only in Texas....I mean Utah

So I have done many a post titled Only in Texas on my mypsace blog! I thought it only fair that now that I am in Utah I do the same for it. You know things like the fact that the people at the corner of the street ( which is on a busy corner ) had bikes out side laying on the grass for about 4 days in a row RIGHT by the side walk where someone could easily take them. Stuff like that. I was about to take a picture of them when they were gone. so yesterday we went to Walmart and I took this:

I was laughing so hard because I love the line, "Why have just one!" hahaha Is it just me or is that pretty darn funny. Only in Utah though...any where else and it just wouldn't be as funny.


Chris and Sandy said...

LOL I'd think there'd be some stuck up/ snooty LDS members that might find that offensive, but I find that flippin funny! Only in Utah!

kailiaelf said...

You gotta love the Mormon sense of humor! It's beer right? So maybe most members don't even give it a second glance...I mean it's not like we're looking to buy it right? LOL!