Sunday, July 13, 2008

365 Week 6

I can't believe I have been doing this for 6 whole weeks now. That's crazy to me. It's been fun and I think this next week I am going to try and stick with a theme again. I like doing both theme, and no theme but I think the pictures come out better when I have some structure to them. Enough of that...

Day one

Here is Tyler and Noah watching Telatubbies...yeah I know, don't get me started. Noah was a Telatubby FREAK when he was little. I never even let Tyler watch it because I think it's so annoying. Noah said something and Tubbies and I had to open my big mouth and say he had never seen it. DOH! Now Tyler keeps asking for tubbies. Grrrr. At least he had fun with his cousin.

Day two

Aunt Kimmie was getting ready to leave today and this was Tyler on the couhc with a bunch of her stuff, using her neck pillow! heehee

Day three

The baby! This one is a bad picture but I had already posted the good one. Oh well...

Day Four

We went out with Aunt Kristy and Noah. We went shopping and then we back and watched So You Thin You Can Dance at their house. Tyler was having a ball with all of Noah's toys. He was going crazy. I am not sure why or when this picture took place but Tyler faced all of these figures face down on the chair with their heads shoved under the pillow. Yeah, I got nothing for this one. It was just so weird I HAD to take a picture.

Day Five

Noah was a grouch this day! haha We made him got to the splash pad with us and he insisted he was NOT going to get wet. Then some of the kids from his school ended up being there and he wanted to so bad but didn't want to "have fun". I took this picture of the blanket Kristy and I were sitting on. I think everyone owns one of these Mexican blankets they got at TJ for 5 dollars. I know I do...

Day six

We went to Del Taco and this sign in the play center cracked me up! They put the sign to high so it says Kids have to be under four feet tall to play and the had the sign about a foot to high! haha So we had Noah stand in front of of it so you could see. Heehee

Day Seven

We went swimming and this was basically the only picture I took all day. I was a little disappointed but it's still cute.

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Chris and Sandy said...

Awww the baby! Cute cute!!! AND YES! I have one of those blankets that you get for 5 bucks! haha but i got mine in new mexico! I totally love those blankets and regret not getting more than one! Cute pictures! Loved em all! Hope your doing well!