Monday, July 21, 2008


We had a horrible day at church. Let me rephrase that...we had a horrible time in nursery today. Tyler wouldn't leave my side and then the last 15 minutes he FINALLY decided to get of fof my lap and pick up a toy and some dumb boy runs over sticks a dragon in Tyler's face and says, "ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" Tyler just started balling. That was about the 4th time since we had been in nursery that he had cried. I picked him up and since it was almost time to go told him we were going home to which he got mad and started to hit me. Now normally when I say Tyler is hitting me, it's not a slap its more or a barely touching me but trying to show me he is pissed off. Well today, he was flat out HITTING and I WAS THE ONE PISSED OFF! I get him in the hall way and he throws himself on the ground. I manage to get him to the car where he is hitting me the whole way there ( I had too much stuff to carry to hold his arms down like I normally would ) I throw him in his car seat and as I am trying to buckle him in he is arching his back, screaming and still trying to hit me. He is lucky he made it home alive. I think the fact that we were at church helped because he didn't even get spanked and normally at that point, I would have. I drive him home and sit him down and say, "We DON'T hit momma!" I made him apologize and repeat it back to me 4 or 5 times. He was the sweetest, most polite 2 year old for the next 15 or 20 minutes. Thank goodness. I have had it with him and the fits. I went to the bathroom and just started balling. It's so frustrating and then I start to think about how maybe it would be different if Cody were home and then I start missing Cody and cry sucks but oh well. I finally stopped crying and went and made us lunch. We then had naps which was awesome for me because I have NOT been sleeping well. That only fuels the frustration when he gets like this too. I need a Tyler, BAD. The nap helped and then my sister and nephew came over and Tyler and Noah had a lot of fun tonight watching the Backyardagains together. I made chicken enchiladas and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I freaking love making those! They always turn out good and are so yummy the next day too. The rest of the evening was okay. I just get tired of Tyler because he does NOT listen to a WORD I SAY. So pretty much the rest of the day I would say, "Look at me Tyler" and I would make him look at me before I said something. One time he hit me again ( only once, but still...) so I took him to his room, sat him down and said, "What did momma say today about hitting?" He said, "Sorry momma!" I said, "Are we supposed to hit momma?" and he said, "yeah" I kind of laughed and said, "NO! We DON'T hit momma" to which he repeated back, "No hit momma!" heehee

At least the second part of the day was okay. If the second part had been anything like the first part, I don't know if I would have made it! Thanks to my sister who gave me a shoulder massage too because I had HUGE knotts!! Okay I REALLY need to go to bed but I just wanted to write. Sometimes when I am frustrated, writing helps me a lot to get it out. I hope no one thinks I am a terrible mother after reading this but I think most moms can relate. So I was thinking ALL day, when do the terrible two's end? Then I would remember what my sister in law said to me once, "When she finally turned 3 I thought, 'Oh good, no more terrible two's' but then she just got worse!" haha Let's hope he doesn't get worse especially since I have another one on the way!

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kailiaelf said...

I'm sorry for your day. I know how you feel. All I can say is that there are good days and bad days, and that's about all you can do about it. I think I have accepted that...although on the hard days, that's hard to remember. Hang in there! You aren't alone...