Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Place

Wow!  I am rather behind on the blogging AGAIN!  How does that always happen.  It is now October and we have moved yet again.  Now we reside in a place called Pflugerville in the Austin area of Texas.  Cody got a new job but we are hoping this one is much more long term.  In other words, I am NOT making these poor kids witch schools AGAIN!  Lucky for us it  has always been during the summer and we didn't have to switch in the middle of the year.

Any who…we are here and so far we love the kids school and daddy loves work.  Mommy is ALLLLL by myself at home now while the kids are in school because Kayla started kindergarten this year. WOO HOO  She is loving it so far.  She is hating waking up so early because school here starts at 7:40 and we walk to school.  So we leave the house around 7:15 or so and usually end up to the school around 7:30.  They encourage students to get there as early as 7:20 so they can start their work early.  It's been nice walking them.  We have fun and mommy walks them to school and then goes running.  This last week I have been able to get up to almost 6 miles which for me is a huge accomplishment.  I had been stuck at that 3 and a half mile range forever.  So to go up has been great.  Here are a few pictures