Monday, June 30, 2008

365 Week 4

I don't have as much time today but this week was supposed to be street signs since I was traveling. I didn't really get very many of them but I still took at least one picture every day this week. Some days I used other pictures, but I figured it's my project and I can do whatever I wanted as long as I WAS taking a picture everyday. So here we go...nothing too excited this week.

Day one

Okay this was funny because Tyler was having a hard time sharing with cousin Madison and we told them to sit at his Elmo table and Tyler ran over and sat right in the middle of BOTH chairs!

Day Two

This isn't a great picture but it just shows us on our way out of Texas.

Day Three

I was taking a picture of the stop sign and my camera shifted the focus at the last minute. I ended up liking the way it turned out so I decided to use it for this day. This was at the Painted Desert in Arizona.

Day Four

Colorado City....what more can I say?!

Day Five

This was the night I had to go the hospital and at about Tyler kept looking at grandma and saying, "Where's momma" and then he would say "Oh she's in the shower" SO at about 1 or 1:30 in the morning he looked my mom straight in the eye and said, "Where's my momma?" and she said, "She'll be back in a little bit Tyler" and he freaked out and started screaming! We got home about 2 and he had fallen asleep on grandma on the couh so I took a picture. :)

Day 6

Parents street sign. Our new home for the next 5 months.

Day 7

Tyler had these toys sitting on this mirror and I just thought it looked really cool. We didn't do much this day because I had started bleeding again and wanted to take it easy. No street sign then either. Oh well.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I don't really feel like writing which is unusual for me but I had some cute pictures I wanted to post. I know every parent thinks there kid is cute but its even funnier to hear my mom talk about Tyler. She told me the other day that, "Her kids were cute, but mine was REALLY cute." Or something to that effect. I thought that was funny. Any ways. I started bleeding again in the middle of the night so I decided not to go to church and to just stay home and relax. I spent a lot of the morning on the couch and then when my parents were both gone for church I took Tyler outside to play with his pool. He had fun then got kind of cranky! That's why in the one picture it looks like he is crying, he is! haha I took pictures of him whining too! Any ways. The first picture is of Ty and my dad at the playground the other day and the rest are from today. Enjoy and I hope everyone who reads this has a relaxing Sunday as well.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Shane

The first full day here we took Tyler to the park after we all had some naps. He had lots of fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa. Especially when Grandpa got him with the water fountain. I thought I would post some pictures.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Emergency room scare

Last night around 10 pm after talking to Cody on the internet I started bleeding. I think most people know that while pregnant ( especially only 8 weeks along ) that's bad! So my dad took me to the emergency room. After taking blood (I got poked about 10 times in my arm before they gave up and used my hand instead ) a sonogram and MUCH waiting around twiddling my thumbs, ( why do they only have magazines in the waiting room because I waited MUCH longer inside the actual hospital room? ) the baby was fine and they don't know why I am bleeding. I think the three days of traveling and eating at weird times and no sleep wore me out and my body was mad! What sucked was I didn't get to see the baby when they did the sonogram! I got to hear the heartbeat for a minute but the man doing the sonogram didn't even tell me it was the heart beat because he basically wasn't allowed to tell me anything until after the radiologist looks everything over. The suspense was awful! Even when I heard the heart beat I was telling myself, "Don't get excited, that might be YOUR heart you are hearing" even though the heart beat was much faster, I just didn't want to get my hopes up. As of right now I am still bleeding but it comes and goes and isn't really heavy. They basically told me that for now the baby is alive and healthy but bleeding is a bad sign and I still COULD miscarry so I am on "pelvic rest" haha The nurse said no sex for a while and my dad said, "Well, I am sure her husband who is in Iraq will be glad to hear she isn't allowed to have sex for a while!" haha For those who know my dad, even at 1 in the morning he is still a goof ball. So keep us in your prayers. Hopefully the bleeding will stop and all will be well. Today my mom stayed home from work to help me with Tyler and stuff. Poor Tyler was up until 12:30 or so so he is TIRED too. The doctor at the ER said he would call my doctor her in Utah and see if he can get me in to see her sooner. I didn't have an appointment until August 7th so cross your fingers that I will get in sooner then that! I am off to go rest my pelvis now...

Beware: Lots of pictures

So here are a million pictures from our drive to Utah. Some are while the car was still moving and some were taking after pulling off to the side. We also stopped at the Painted Desert in Arizona....wait! I think it was Arizona. It might have been New Mexico. Any ways. I will try and explain as I go and not just dump a bunch of pictures here. Hope you enjoy them. I think most of these ones turned out pretty good so I hope you enjoy them too!

The first group of pictures I took at the Painted Desert

The next group of pictures were taken while driving. You never know what your gonna get while driving and shooting...

And last but not least, the first night we were driving we had to drive through a storm ( in Texas imagine that! ) After we drove past it I saw these cool clouds and when we stopped to gas up I took some pictures. They look like the clouds I got a couple of years ago right after a tornado! I think there awesome. I don't know why I love clouds so much but I do! haha

Thursday, June 26, 2008


And I am exhausted. 3 days in a car with a two year old is not the best kind of life! Tyler was actually pretty good though. He asked to go shopping about 30 times every day. Especially when we went from nothing out side to even just one gas station! He would see it out the window and would say, "Let's go shopping Baby!" haha Cody's mom thought that was so funny. So for now I am leaving this blog at this. I will shrink pictures later and get some of those up. I need to shower and go to walmart and buy all the stuff I couldn't bring with me! Walmart's getting a lot of my money today!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

365 Week 3

I can't believe I am already finishing week 3! It has been fun so far and I hope I keep enjoying this project. What am I saying? I am a picturing taking addict so of course I will continue to enjoy it! haha Let's start with the first day shall we. Oh yeah and this week I did things a little different. It was supposed to be things that make me think of Tyler. Since Grandma and Grandpa are here this week and we are getting to leave for a while,I did a combo of weekly events and things that remind me of Tyler. BUT even the weekly event picture are things that remind me of Tyler so it a win win for me!

We start the week off right! With peanut butter! Tyler does not go a day without eating it! As I am typing this he is requesting apples and peanut butter! haha Figures.

Monday we had a water gun fight with Papa, Nana, Stacie and Madison. After the fight we had ice cream. Tyler LOVES ice cream! So I picked this picture for day 2.

Day 3 we went visiting teaching and then to eat with Debbie at our favorite pizza place. This one is FOR SURE a two for deal because Tyler does stuff like this constantly. STACKS things, puts them in order....constantly. This picture was already posted this week but you get it again.

Day 4 we went to story time at the library and then had lunch with Sarah and Julia. Tyler has been OBSESSED with the Wiggles lately. Because the Wiggles all play instruments, Tyler has been into all of his instruments. He has a Backyardagains guitar that he has been turning the sound off on and then using to pretend to play music while watching the Wiggles. He has been taking it every where with him and it is not a small guitar. He even took it to story time. I would not have let him except you can turn the sound off and then I was okay with it. But we do not take it to church or to Walmart ( because they sell them there! ) Pretty much every where else, it gets to come along. heehee

Day 5 Papa and Nana left to go to San Antonio to visit Cody's brother Lee. As they were getting ready to leave, Tyler stole Grandma's shoes and was wearing them! haha I got a picture or two and so thats what todays picture was.

Day 6. The best 100 bucks we ever spent! Tyler's portable DVD player. HE LOVES IT! We got it at Target over a year ago and he carries it around and drops it constantly and is still going strong. The other day he dropped it on the concrete. The DVD popped out and rolled away and I thought for SURE he had really broken it this time. NOPE! It's still going on strong. We like this player because it has a strap on it and you can strap it to the back of the head rest so you don't have to hold it in the car. This picture really is two things in one though. If you look closely at the stuff on his little Elmo table you will see three tea cups stacked in a little triangle. This goes along with day 3! Man he cracks me up!

Tyler could not function without his blue blanky! he LOVES it! I could not do a week of pictures that remind me of Tyler and not do his blanket! So that was our week in a nut shell. This coming week since we will be traveling two of the days is going to be on road signs! It should be fun!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Crazy Face

Sometimes you don't know what you are getting when taking pictures until after when you go to view the on the computer. Sometimes I think I took a really good picture and then get it on the screen and end up not liking it as much. Then other times I just flat out don't remember taking a certain picture or don't remember what was happening. Just now while going through some pictures form yesterday I came across this one of Tyler.

I have no idea what he was doing in this picture, In fact, this was not a close up but I thought his face was so funny that I cropped most of the picture out. I think it's so funny. Another picture just for the heck of it...I was a little disappointed with this one because I thought I took one that was a little better then this. Any ways, this is Tyler impression of a crab! He does this WAY more then you could imagine! haha


I love little baby shirts and onesies with crazy things on them. I just bought two at the store for 2.50 a piece. I am sure they are cheap and will shrink the minute they get wet but I couldn't resist myself. See how cute they are:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My life according to google

My life according to Google...

Type in the following and choose the first choice (that makes sense)that
appears on the list

1 * Type in "[your name] needs" in Google search:
Katie needs your help!

2.*Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search
Katie looks like she is 6 months pregnant ( how close that one is haha )

3 *Type in "[your name] likes" in Google search:
Katie likes to write

4 *Type in "[your name] says" in Google search:
Katie says "Good bye to today" ( But I like the second one better which says What Katie says, GOES! )

5 *Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search:
Katie wants to go home to her parents ( again, this one is right on the money )

6 *Type in "[your name] does" in Google search:
Katie does brunch

7 *Type in "[your name] hates" Google search:
Katie hates her hair

8 *Type in "[your name] goes"
Katie goes to Tokyo

9 *Type in "[your name] loves" in Google search:
Katie loves her spider

10* Type in"[your name] is" in Google search:
Katie is NOT pregnant! ( I hate to break it to them, but I really am)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not only WRONG, It's Illegal

When I was at Walmart the other day I went through the tobacco line. It was shorter and Tyler was already giving me problems. I noticed while waiting for my turn that they have a sign that reads, "Do not buy Tobacco for under 18." I had noticed that before but underneath it, it reads, "It's not only wrong, but illegal" I had never noticed this before. Do they REALLY need to post a sign that says that? To me this is just a sign of the times. I am reminded that most people around here don't see a problem with smoking. IN fact most people, DO SMOKE. A week or so ago while out with my woman ( which is Sarah for those who don't know that story, you can ask haha ) There was this man out side smoking up a storm. He probably had a couple of cigarettes while out side waiting for his wife and kids. Then when his wife and kids got there his wife and him stayed out side to smoke again! THEN about 10 minutes later, he came out side with his son to smoke. His son was probably 10 or 11 ( who didn't smoke with him but went out side with him so his dad could ) Let me just tell you that with how much he smoked just while at lunch he probably goes through at LEAST two packs a day and these people didn't look like the type of people who could afford much. I don't understand it!

Another story for you, Sarah was in the tobacco line at Walmart and it was her turn next at the check out and this old woman walks up from the other side and ask the clerk, "What's your cheapest cigarettes?" Sarah was so mad because once the lady brought her the cigarettes, she said, "NO I don't want those ones, can I have a different kind?" Bascially this woman, who hadn't even been waiting in a line, cut in front of her and was now taking ten minutes to buy cigarette's. Well, you will not believe what happened next. The woman's grandson who was about 16, walks up and says, "I don't want those ones grandma" THEN the woman turns to my friend and says, "My grandson isn't even appreciative." WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Okay I have one more for you, Stacie my sister in law had salmonella poisoning last week. She had to go to the doctor several times. One of the times she was there she over heard something disturbing. For those who are women and have had babies know that when you are around 22 weeks or something like that, you have to do the glucose test. You have to drink this sugary drink and then you can't eat or drink anything for an hour. Then you come back and they draw your blood to see how you are handling the sugar. Any ways, so this woman is pregnant and having the test. The nurse is telling her that she can't eat or drink anything for an hour. The PREGNANT woman cuts her off and says, "Well, can I smoke?" The nurse who was surprised by this says, "NO, you can't smoke" This pregnant woman threw a hissy fit over it. I mean come on! Your pregnant dumb ass your not supposed to be doing that any ways and you are telling me you can go ONE FREAKING HOUR without your cigarette's. Okay, I apologize for the curse word but seriously I had no other words except that!

My conclusion for all of this is, why smoke? Honestly, what is it doing for you? And if you are pregnant, why do that to your beautiful unborn baby? Are you that selfish that you can't give it up for 9 months? And if you are, you shouldn't be having a baby any ways. Get your priorities straight!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A morning out and about

Tyler loves going shopping. He request to do so at least 20 times a day. That's not to say that once we get there he is a good boy...that happens hardly ever. Today we went visiting teaching. It was fun and Tyler loves Debbie! We went to Studdabaker's to have some lunch before we went to visit our last person. He loves Studdabaker's which is a pizza place. I took some pictures of him today while we were there. He loves rearranging things. This is what he was doing once we got bored. He makes me so happy! :)