Sunday, June 8, 2008


I am so excited its summer for several reason. The biggest one is because it means Tyler and I have a playground we can go to at 9 in the morning. WOO HOO! Another is because we have some baby birds on our porch. Their parents built the nest last year around this time but they never had babies. This year I noticed the nest started getting bigger and better. I wondered if they had some eggs in it but it's too high up to see in. The other day I went to get the mail and notice what I thought was a beak peaking out of the nest. It was a baby bird. the weirdest thing is that they weren't making any noise at all. So I have been observing them the last couple of days and today I got the sweetest pictures of them begging for food and then being feed. I think there are three of them. But I just love the bi-hawk they have on top of their heads! It's so adorable.

Another thing we did this week was put Tyler's Elmo toddler bed together. I was calling it his big boy bed and he of course answered back with, "Tyler's big girl bed!" It has taken a LOT of talking to but he is FINALLY calling it his big boy bed! WOO HOO. He hasn't slept in it yet but we are going to try tomorrow during nap time. Wish us luck! Here he is laying down on it but don't be fooled by the closed eyes. I told him to pretend to be asleep! He was just playing on it.

The next set of pictures were taken on Friday morning. Tyler is like his daddy is sooooooooo many ways. For those who don't know my husband well, he likes his hands to be clean and he almost ALWAYS has socks or shoes on. Tyler also likes his hands to be clean. After lunch he always come up to me and says, "Oh momma help you clean hands" Haha I have noticed in the last couple of months that he too does not enjoy being bare foot. He almost always has shoes on. Some days we go through every pair of shoes that fit him, a couple of mine and a couple of ones that are too small. This particular morning within ten minutes of putting his flippies on ( His words, not mine ), I went to the bathroom and came back to find him in his boots! haha What cracked me up most was the little PJ's he was wearing with them.

And lastly, I took this picture of Tyler in his room and I think it turned out so cute with the sun shinning through the window. I'm a nut for natural lighting when taking pictures. Then while shrinking the picture I made it blue and thought it was equally cute that way. Enjoy! I hope everyone else is enjoying summer too. I need to go take my first picture for the week that reminds me of CODY! :)

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