Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good thing

Good thing I am not experiencing morning sickness yet! Yesterday was trash day and so I put the trash out the night before when Tyler and I were getting home for the play ground. When we left the next day to go to the store, the trash had been picked up and our trash can was laying in the street right behind Cody's car. I put Tyler in the car and then went to get the trash can to bring in. I went to pick it out and it had maggots ALL over the inside of it! It was so disgusting!!! So I pick it up and turn it up side down and bang it on the ground hoping this would knocked the maggots outs. About half of them fell out but now I had a new problem. When I had banged it on the ground ants started drawling out from INSIDE the handle! There was a tiny hole in it and apparently the crawled inside to escape the heat! At this point I left the trash can right there and just went to the store. While at the store I bought ant spray. When we got home and I got Tyler and all of the groceries inside, I went out and sprayed the thing down. Then I left it out there again. When we left last night to go to the play ground, I checked on it and ti was ant and maggot free! YEAH! So I brought it back up to the house. It was SERIOUSLY a good thing I was not experiencing morning sickness yet because I don't like maggots! They gross me out so I am funny about them any ways. The guy who do the trash don't always get all of Tyler diapers out either so I'll have diapers for like a week before still sitting at the bottom so it smells terrific! Okay hopefully this didn't gross any one out too bad but I just had to tell that story. I am excited I have experienced no morning sickness yet but at the same time it makes me nervous! I know I should just keep my mouth shut. Cody's parents are flying in on Saturday and are going to be here for a week or so and then they are helping me drive to Utah. On the 30th my best friend Myra is flying into Utah to visit me for a day or two and I am really excited about that! I hope the morning sickness doesn't kick in two days before the LONG car ride to Utah!!! Cross your fingers for me because I REALLY hope it waits until I get there but we shall see. Thats still a week and a half away!