Tuesday, June 17, 2008

365 Week 2

ALL ABOUT CODY WEEK! It was actually a little difficult to think of things that reminded me of Cody...but I found 7 things. I know in reality there are lots of things that make me think of them, but when you have to actually have them in your head to photograph its hard. My first thing I did was his shampoo! Cody has always had some dandruff problems and so he usually uses Head and Shoulders. A couple of months ago the Head and Shoulders Intensive care ( or whatever it's called ) which is normally about 8 dollars for the little bottle was on sale for 3 or 4! We bought him a bottle and he loved it! It actually smells good, which most dandruff shampoo doesn't smell good. Then it actually made his hair really soft. I went back and bought him two more bottles that were still on sale. So we kept smelling his hair and stuff after getting it! It was kind of funny so I took a picture of it first!

Cologne, MMMMMMMMMMM or as I like to call it Orgasm in a bottle! I love Cologne! I think it smells wonderful! Cody has some good ones too! So I couldn't take pictures of thinga that reminded me of him and NOT take a picture of the way he smells! I usually spray his pillow when he is gone and I miss him. Awwww, thats making me teary eyed, so I'm moving on.

Ironic that I said I spray his pillow when he is gone because I took a picture of his pillow and his side of the bed next! In the movie "Somethings Gotta Give" the main character says she sleeps in the middle of the bed since she is single and doesn't think its healthy to sleep on one side. I took this advice to heart and when Cody would travel I would move over to the middle of the bed. It did seem to help a bit. So any ways....here is his side of the bed that I wish he were occupying right now!

Any one who knows my husband knows of his love for the Simpson's! It's in his blood. In fact, he taught our son to say "DOH!" haha

Cody only wears ONE pair of jeans...I don't mean he literately only has one pair, I mean he only wears 569's! That's what all of his jeans are. This was day 5 for me. His beloved jeans!

By day 6 I was starting to run out of things...then I thought, DUH! HIS CAR! For those who know my husband, he loves his car! It was his first car he bought and is his baby!

On the last day of the Cody week I decided to take a picture of a candle. We have candles in our bedroom and pretty much every night when we are getting ready for bed, Cody lights a candle and plays with it. It's weird what gets passed onto our children because every time Tyler comes into our room he goes straight for the candles! haha

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Nathan said...

thats a really cool project, you should do it for more than a year, and keep a photojournal! really good pics. it would be fun to look at those years later and try to guess about the life of the person who took them.