Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Why are certain people allowed to have kids? Seriously...I was talking to my friend Debbie on Sunday and that's what we were talking about. She was telling about something she saw on the news where this single mother wanted to go spend the weekend with her boyfriend so she locked her 2 year old in the kitchen for the WEEKEND! What the heck is wrong with people. the neighbors heard him screaming and broke into the house to find the kids crying and looking through the garbage for food! I don't even want to know how full is diaper was. Tyler fills his up in less then 3 hours usually. What did the mother have to say for herself? "I'm not a bad mom! I read to him sometimes and make sure I buy him toys!"

This makes me sick!!! Why do people like this have kids? I know people who are trying to have kids with no success that would be GREAT parents, yet people like this seem to have them constantly. I will never understand this. I know God has a plan for everyone and I know we can't know everything but this just confuses me. My neighbors who are the worse parents as well, make me want to call child services constantly. The other day I was pulling out of my drive way and I saw the 4 year old out side by her self ( which she is outside by herself constantly ) so that didn't surprise me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone sitting on their bench and I turned to see if it was her mom and it was the ONE YEAR OLD! Who has only been able to walk for a couple of months. Not only were the two out there by themselves but the one year old was on top of a bench without any one close to catch her if she feel...nothing but concrete! We heard rumors from the girls uncle that he went over there one time and the baby was eating cigarettes buds off of the floor! And another time, she decided to actually spend time with her kids and took them hiking. While there, she got totally plastered and then drove everyone home! I am not the greatest mom in the world. I yell sometimes, occasionally I spank, sometimes I play on the internet more then I should and sometimes my kid drives me absolutely CRAZY, BUT I LOVE HIM TO DEATH and I would rather DIE then let anything happen to him! Especially if it was something I could prevent. The poor little girl next door craves attention so bad that the second we go outside she runs over and starts talking to us about anything and everything. I think I have written this before but one time she was over and she picked me a yellow flower and thought it was pink. So I asked her what color my shirt was and she got that wrong. There was Tyler behind her telling me the right colors and showing me the sign language for them! haha It just breaks my heart...I just wanted to get that off of my chest. I love Tyler so much and I can't even wait to bring another baby into the world and have even MORE love to give!


kailiaelf said...

Call child services on that family. After what you just wrote, I totally would. There is too much evidence of endangerment. And you are a GREAT mom!

Chris and Sandy said...

I'm not perfect either, but that kind of crap breaks my heart as well. There's two little girls, two doors down from us who always seem to be home. I can't assume that thier mom doesn't either take them to school (which I highly doubt), or teaches them at home. It's just sat, because they're totally like that little girl...the other day I just stepped out to go to the car and they asked me if I wanted to come to thier house to play!..I just thought it was really sad.

Kade and Emily said...

I think it's so sad what those mothers are missing out on. I guess they don't understand that it is possible to love someone else a million times more than you could ever love yourself.
Oh, and just sos ya knows, we all scream at our kids. I've lost track of how many times I've felt my blood boil and had to go into another room to control myself.