Sunday, June 29, 2008


I don't really feel like writing which is unusual for me but I had some cute pictures I wanted to post. I know every parent thinks there kid is cute but its even funnier to hear my mom talk about Tyler. She told me the other day that, "Her kids were cute, but mine was REALLY cute." Or something to that effect. I thought that was funny. Any ways. I started bleeding again in the middle of the night so I decided not to go to church and to just stay home and relax. I spent a lot of the morning on the couch and then when my parents were both gone for church I took Tyler outside to play with his pool. He had fun then got kind of cranky! That's why in the one picture it looks like he is crying, he is! haha I took pictures of him whining too! Any ways. The first picture is of Ty and my dad at the playground the other day and the rest are from today. Enjoy and I hope everyone who reads this has a relaxing Sunday as well.


Crystal said...

He is such a cutie little boy!

kailiaelf said...

Did you say he is supposed to be crying in one of these pictures?? Cuz my kid doesn't cry so sweetly! I hope you're feeling better! My thoughts are with you.