Saturday, February 28, 2009

A photo session with my girl! I LOVE how these turned out! She smiled for the first time yesterday without being asleep! It was awesome.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Play ground fun and new cars

We had a lunch date today with Sarah, Julia and Colin. We had Taco Bell and then went to the play ground. The kids were having tons of fun throwing leaves every where. I wish I had my good camera with me but I still got some good pictures. here are my favorites.

Also I wanted to announce that Cody bought a new car! It's pretty nice but I am not sure if it compares to mine. What do you think? Which one do you like better?

Mine is the one on the left! haha Cody's is the one with no license plate? So what do you think? It's funny because everyone who has asked what the differences in the cars then makes a comment about me ending up with HIS. I don't want his,I like mine. His has leather inside and I am not a huge leather person. His has a high tech air conditioner too and I am good with mine. Any ways...I have a bunch of catching up to do on here so hopefully this week I can get a little more caught up. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

If you are OCD and you know it, wash your hands!

My little boy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO OCD most of the time. Every once in a while he plays in the dirt and we are amazed by it. Most times if he has food on his hands or something like it he asks for a wipe so he can clean his hands JUST LIKE MONK! He lines everything up too! Which if you look to your left I have posted a picture from our most recent visit to our favorite Mexican place in town. He lined up the sweet and low packets in side the window seal and got very upset when he realized his arms weren't long enough to finish the job. He gets up set over the weirdest things. For instance, today I didn't have a car because it was still at Auto Max and so I wore some black stretch pants all day. Tyler got very upset with me because he kept telling me to go put my blue pants on ( meaning my jeans ) and I kept telling him I didn't want to. He actually cried over this!! My kid drives us crazy and both cracks us up over this.

So earlier today he picked up one of our dryer balls and was playing with it. I had accidentally brought it in with the laundry and put it on the counter next to the back porch so the next time I needed to do laundry I could bring it out. It has the nubs all over it and there is a spot in the center where there is no nub but there isn't supposed to be. He found it and brought it to me very upset saying, "Mommy the pine cone is missing!" haha I think it was funny that he called the nubs pine cones. He proceeded to tell me and show me and wanted me to be upset with him. Finally I took a picture.

The title of the blog I got from facebook. For those familiar with flair, I got it from one of those. I actually sent it to Cody yesterday and then my sister sent it to me today with the caption ( for tyty ) I thought that was funny. So for those who thought I was being clever, it wasn't me!!


One thing I have failed to mention in my last couple of post is my daughters nubbies! Yup I said it. She has nubbies. I didn't notice them. About half an hour after she was born he came back into my hospital room and said,, "Did you see her nubbies?" I was like....."Um, no?!" Cody replies, "Oh she has little nubbies on her hands." We weren't really sure what they were. The next day her doctor came in to talk to us and he said that her nubbies were actually sixth fingers! Shut up!! Basically they started to grow but never developed all the way. When she gets older they'll put her to sleep and shave them off. So, our little girl tried to grow 6 fingers. Cody sometimes will be holding her and say, "I love you and your little nubbies!" haha

My sister is at it again!

My sister is at it again! Here is a blog she wrote on her myspace about water bottles and the harmful effects it has on our earth. Please read

Single use water bottles are horrible for this planet that we live on for sooooo many reasons... here are just a few.
1. Water bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.
2. Every year over 15 million barrels of oil are used to produce water bottles for the US.
3. Bottled water costs up to 15,000 times more then tap water.
4. Bottled water has a carbon footprint up to 600 times that of tap water.
5. About 40% of bottled water comes from municipal drinking water anyways.
6.Americans use 2.5 MILLION plastic water bottles EVERY HOUR and only around 10% are recycled!!!
That last facts is so insane!!! It makes me crazy!!!
So, what can we do? Jon, Noah and I have all switched to reusable water bottles made from metal. There are tons of choices out there that can fit your style and needs. They have lots of different companies now that make them in different styles, sizes, and designs. You can get them in non-leaching aluminum or non-leaching stainless steel. One of my favorite sites that I have mentioned in both previous blogs has lots of choices. They carry the bottle that Jon uses by Kleen Kanteen, or bottles by Earthlust or Sigg. I got my bottle from It has all the facts from above written on it, so hopefully as I carry it around people will read it and make a change. These bottles (like most things that are green) cost more up front, but save you money in the end. Bottles run between $10-$30 depending on size, shape and design. Most good ones of regular size will cost about $20. The thing is, you spend at least $4 on a case of water that last maybe a few weeks. These bottles will last for years! Plus, when you do after years of good use want a new one your old one can be recycled. I love mine, and Jon has been surprised by how much he likes his as well. The water taste really clean, and we don't have to worry about harmful cemicals leaching into our water like you do with plastic bottles (especially if they get heated up... like when you leave them in your car on a hot day). Hopefully we can all get on track and get one, and then get our friends and family to do the same. Mother Earth will thank us! :)

*I just wanted to add something ( this is Katie now ) I am a water bottle person and I didn't want to be so wasteful so I started reusing my plastic water bottles for a week or so and then would get a new one. NOT GOOD PEOPLE! Our water bottles are very delicate and once you use them once, they start leeching harmful chemicals into our water. Once you re-fill them, it scratches the insides and that's how it starts leaking into our water. And for those who want plastic still but want to be better about chemicals in our water, at Target they have plastic ones that are refillable that are BPA free ( which is what you want! ) If you have babies you can get BPA free baby bottles as well. This is important. PLease look for this when buying baby products that are plastic. Most say BPA free now, you probably have not even noticed though unless you knew about them already

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random and Personal

I am not a super private person. I will tell you what you need to know within reason. Most questions I will answer if asked. I try not to ask super personal questions to other people just because I never know who is going to be offended or not. This time, I am asking the question any ways because it's over the internet and if you get offended to bad...That sounds mean but seriously. If the question is too personal for you, then don't answer. It's as simple as that. So here it goes...

I want to know for those women and men out there who have kids, if they waited the full 6 weeks after birth to have sex? That's right I said it.

My reason for asking such a random question is because Cody and I have been shocked to find out that we seem to be the only ones who actually waited the full 6 weeks. Even my doctor at my 6 week check up asked me, "So are you guys having sex yet?" Cody and I were shocked he asked that because we figured everyone waited like they were supposed to. I told him, "We were waiting to get the OK from you first." He seemed shocked someone actually waited. Apparently my family members are too horny to wait. My brother told us him and his wife only waited like 4 weeks and now I find out my parents didn't wait either. What the heck? Okay so now I need to know who else waited or didn't wait?? Don't be shy...let me know.

Modern Conveniences

Isn't it funny how you get used to something that is a modern conveniences and forget that it is not necessary! My car has automatic locks on the doors and boy oh boy have I gotten used to that. Especially now with two kids. So I thought the clicker ( yup, that's the only word Cody and I could think of to call it ) was broken. I would push it but my front door wouldn't unlock. It turns out it is my door and not the clicker. Doh! Then I noticed that Tyler's door was sticking sometimes too. The two doors that get used almost daily. My car is still under warantee ( wow I spelled that so wrong that even the spell check didn't come up with the right spelling! ) so we wanted to get it fixed right away. I met Cody in Killeen yesterday and we dropped the car off at Auto Max which we decided is the worst auto max ever. After telling us, "Sure bring your car in" we get there and they tell us they don't know who we talked to but they are really busy and might not get to the car today. We were pissed especially since Killeen is an hour away and if it wasn't going to be fixed that day I was going to have to turn around in two hours to go all the way back to get Cody. Thankfully one of his buddies at work offered him a ride home. It was a good thing too because it was one of those days and I was exhausted and just wanted to lay on the couch and sleep. Plus I wanted Tyler to be able to take a nap which he did and it was so long that I had to wake him up at 6! It was awesome. Oh and I just wanted to mention again how awesome drivers in Texas are. I got flashed while driving and sure enough as I was coming up a hill there was a cop with her gun out just waiting for someone to speed past her. I don't speed any ways but it's always nice to be warned.

So then Cody let me go to Walmart without both kids. I was going to go by myself completely but at the last minute he needed to do something and I just brought Kayla with me which ended up being a bad thing because she kept screaming and I had to carry her and push the cart half the time I was there. But as I pulled into the parking lot I realized I forgot my phone! Don't you just hate that!!!! Where would we all be without cell phones? I never even had one until Cody and I started dating and he got me one so it would be easier and cheaper for us to talk when I went back to California. This blog kind of ended up being something other then what I wanted it to be but oh well. I just wanted to say that I am thankful for modern day conveniences because they keep me sane! I was so annoyed the last couple of days with needing to use my key to open my door, how dare I have to use a key. Then forgetting my cell phone and not being able to call Cody to ask him a question...I hate stuff like that but really would the world stop if we didn't have things like power locks and cell phones? NOPE, in fact the world would probably be a better place without most modern day conveniences but I prefer them to make my life less complicated. :)

Hooray for KAYLA!

I just wanted to make an announcement! I am so excited to announce that Kayla slept in her own bed the whole night long and even slept in past 8! WOO HOO We are very excited about this. we haven't been able to get her to sleep in her own bed for more then 2 hours at a time and then at like 1 or 2 in the morning after not getting any sleep, I give up and she ends up in the bed with us which I totally don't agree with. I hate the whole "co-sleeping" thing. I think babies should be in their own beds and parents should be alone in theirs. She gave me no choice most nights though so this was a HUGE accomplishment for us. Now just pray it wasn't a fluke thing and I can get her to do it again tonight. haha

Monday, February 23, 2009

365 week 33

Feb 1

Feb 2

Feb 3
Didn't get a picture today....

Feb 4

Feb 5

Feb 6

Feb 7

365 week 32

I have no idea if that's right or not but here we go...

Jan 25th day 1

My tummy...Cody and I took these pictures before going to bed.

Jan 26th day 2

The cup says it all...this is actually a McDonald's cup. What other state does this you may ask...? Yeah I don't know either because I dounbt any other state does!

Jan 27th Day 3

We went to Temple and bought a new stove! YEAH! Then we had lunch at BJ's and it was WAY good. Tyler was a good boy too

Jan 28th day 4

Our new stove! WOO WOO We bought a new hood too but we didn't get that installed right away.

Jan29th Day 5

I decided to use two pictures for this day, a before picture and an here is me BEFORE having Kayla

And here she is just minutes after her birth! Isn't she cute?

Jan 30 day 6

Her mohawk

Jan 31 day 7
This was the day after my D and C. I didn't even get out of bed or hold Kayla...sorry no picture!

Real Quick

So I wanted to send my mom and sisters a video clip of Kayla since they haven't met her yet. I was really happy with the clip I took of her and wanted to post it here. I know it's not the most interesting but it's my blog! :D When we got new lap tops the software isn't compatible with my digital camera so I can't watch the video clips on it. What I do is upload them to photobucket and then do what I want from there. While I was uploading the clip I decided to look at all the other clips I had in my account and found the one I posted of Tyler. That is one of my favorites of Tyler. He's so small in it it was depressing but I wanted to post it just because we didn't have a family blog that long ago. Any goal for nap time today is to get my 365 project up to date. I think I already wrote down that I skipped a couple of days while in the hospital and when I got home but that's okay. It's been SO hard to remember every day after taking a short break. Some days at 10 or 11 I remember that I haven't taken one yet and run and get my camera or take one with my phone. Any ways. I need to get dressed so we can make our daily trip to walmart! Tyler needs a new toothbrush. He keeps getting the bristles in his mouth every time he brushes ( that's what happens when you mainly just chew on it in stead of actually brushing your teeth! )

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My friend Loni gave me a bread recipe that I made yesterday. It makes 4 loafs and we gave one away and only have half a loaf left. That's how good it is. I LOVE IT and so does Cody. Try it and you won't regret it I promise!!

100 % wheat bread

4 cups whole wheat flour
4 cups warm water
3 Tbs yeast
Combine above ingredients and let sit and sponge for 30 minutes

Then add 1/2 cup butter
2/3 cup honey
3 tsp salt
6 to 8 cups whole wheat flour ( I got about 7 cups in )

knead 15 to 20 minutes and place in an oiled bowl to rise for 20 to 30 minutes
punch down and shape into loaves. Let rise 20 to 30 minutes
Bake at 350 for 20 to 30 minutes.
Makes 4 medium loaves or 2 large and one medium

SERIOUSLY TRY IT! It was so yummy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Findig time

Not only is it hard to find time to blog because I have a baby that LOVES to be held, but my husband keeps hogging my lap top even though he has his own he hasn't gotten out from his trip yet ( Love you Cody...) so between the two it has been hard for me to find time. Plus during nap time I have been napping too for the most part. SOOOOOO I had tons of things I wanted to write but as time goes on and I don't get to jot things down, I forget what I wanted to say. Doh!

This weekend was nice because we cleaned the house and it looked so nice. Cody bought a shed for the back yard and got it put together with help from the missionaries. NOW I get to have my house back! We are slowly getting all of his stuff out of the house that he has piled every where to help fix things. You know; paint, tools, extra tile, ladders, shingles for the roof, sheet rock, plaster....I could go on. They have taken over my house. They have been piled up in our living room ( the red room is what we call it ) and our guest room which is now Kayla's room. We haven't gotten everything out yet but we are getting closer and I can't WAIT to have a living room and a family room. It will give us so much more space and in a fourteen hundred square foot house it will help a LOT! I also can't remember if I wrote about our new oven! I am so excited! We officially have all new appliances in our kitchen. We bought a stove and a hood right before I had Kayla. The day before I went into the hospital they came and installed it. It's a ceramic top and it has been so nice to clean. So much easier and now our appliances all match. Cody also got some more work down in our bathroom. He got the light installed and painted a little. He wants to get our new mirror up too and when we do, I will take a picture and post it. I wish I had a good before picture of our bathroom but unfortunately I do not. Darn. Another thing we have done was yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby with Cody's parents and bought a frame for one of the canvases they made us for Christmas. We like it so much we plan on going back and buying 3 more so we can get them all hung up. They look so good. I have been dying to get them up so it's nice to finally have one of them up. We took our clock down to hang it and now we keep wondering what time it is! haha But that's okay.

I went to walmart and bought some new clothes. I don't have my pre-pregnant body back which I didn't expect to have back in 2 weeks so that's okay. I went to the doctor yesterday and weighted 208 which I was actually happy about. Normally I wear a size 16 jeans. I decided to not even take in a size 16 but instead to go straight for the 18's. To my surprise I grabbed 3 pair of jeans; 2 size 18 and one size 16. Guess which ones ended up fitting? The 16. Jeans are so weird. One pair of 18's were about 3 inches to long and I am pretty tall. Then the other size 18 were WAY to small. I couldn't even zip them up. So I wasn't going to even try the 16 but decided to any ways and they are actually really cute. i can't exercise until I get the okay at my 6 week check up so for now I am hoping to just keep my meals under control and I am trying to eat lots of fiber. I need to switch back to diet soda but I haven't been brave enough yet! That one is going to be hard for me. I really need to work on my 365 project. I think I missed 3 days while in the hospital and the first two days I was at home and miserable. I didn't feel like taking pictures and honestly i didn't even think about which show you how awful I felt. Since then I have tried REALLY hard to remember. My camera is actually acting up so I might be getting a new one for my birthday in April. That will be fun so we'll see.

Okay well this blog has taken me about 3 hours to write off and on and it's about nap time so I need to go. I will try and get some 365 stuff done later and get that posted. We'll see if I can get that done....that would make me happy!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blessing Day

My baby girl was blessed on Sunday. Cody's parents were here and his mom REALLY wanted us to bless her while they were here. I still had my blessing dress and my Aunt Annie was the one who sewed it for me when I was a baby so I wanted her to wear it. My girl is such a fatty that I almost couldn't get the top buttoned! haha i took some pictures ( some meaning about 30 or 40 ) and wanted to share some. This is a picture overload here but I can't decide which ones to post!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So sad

You know how some times your kids say something that just break your heart? I had this happen to me the other day. Tyler was having a rough day. He was driving mommy and daddy both crazy!!!! We were both so ready to put him to bed at like 5! This particular day I had decided to take Kayla and Tyler to Walmart by myself....yeah by the end of the trip I wanted to kill him. Cody and I are fine with a baby crying. It doesn't bother us. Tyler on the other hand does not like it when Kayla cries. He has to inform us that she is crying as if we can't hear. He yells, "Mom, Kayla's sqwaking!"

After not getting a nap thanks to a plumber who just showed up during nap time and should have come the day before and never did, he was grouchy and kept asking us the SAME question over and over and over again regardless of whether or not we answered it already. Tyler was trying to ask Cody something and he just kept repeating "II I I I I I " and as he was getting more and more frustrated that he couldn't seem to get out the sentence he wanted he would get louder and it was harder for him to talk. He does this when he is tired, excited or angry. He can't seem to think of how to talk so he just keeps repeating the first part of the sentence over and over again. It's awful to hear him do this. While trying to ask daddy something he finally said "I need medicine for my mouth." me thinking he was hurting or something was wrong, I ask him if his mouth hurt. Tyler says, "I I I I I I I need medicine for my talking!" He wanted mommy to give him medicine to help me talk better. It broke my heart! :( Poor little guy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big brother

big brother tyty loves baby Kayla's boppy pillow!! heehee

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My ordeal

Okay so for those who do NOT like hearing about blood and graphic details, you probably don't want to read this blog. I warned you because I am going to get kind of graphic on parts but it's my blog and I know certain people want to know.

It started out at 5 in the morning on the 29th. We left to get to the hospital by 6. When we got there they asked us some questions and had us sign some paper work. One of the things they had me sign was a paper about being aloud to give me blood if I needed it. I didn't think that was going to be necessary. Boy was I wrong! Samsonite, I was WAY off...

They got me hooked up to the pitocin and my IV by 7 and checked me to see if I was dilated at all. I was still barely at 1 which really disappointed me. An hour later my doctor came in to check me and I was already 4 cm! SWEET! I requested my epidural like a half an hour later NOT because it was painful but because I was afraid that if I kept going that fast I would miss my window of opportunity and have to do it without drugs. They came in to do the epidural because at our hospital you get to do everything in your room which I love. You NEVER have to leave your room unless you have a c-section or need surgery. The guy who did my epidural had trouble and the first time he stuck me, he went to far and punch through my spinal wall and was drawing back spinal fluid. Great! Not only did he have to do it again but he was afraid I was in for what they call an epidural headache which I have heard are just awful! The second I started to sit back I got this shooting pain in my neck and shoulders and had to sit up. That wasn't very comforting. My nurse checked me and I was only a 6 which means I had slowed down a lot. By noon I was still about a 6 and we thought it was going to go way slow after that. Since I had gotten the epidural twice, I had gotten a little too much and started to get numb all the way up to my shoulders so they turned the epidural off all the way to help get some feeling back. Around 2 my nurse came into check me and I was full! WOO HOO. she went and got my doctor and 10 minutes later Kayla was born. She popped right out which was awesome. I tore slightly and had to have some stitches, no big deal though. The drama began now. My doctor went to deliver the placenta and it wouldn't come out. She was yanking on it for like 20 minutes. It took longer to get it out then it took to get Kayla out. She told me she was going to put me on some medicine to help me cramp and clot out the rest of the placenta. I was feeling fine the rest of the day and Kayla was being such a good baby. After everyone left and I was all alone I started bleeding. Thank goodness because Cody probably would have passed out the first time I stood up to go to the bathroom and gushed blood every where. It was a long night for me. At like 11 or so, they took Kayla out of the room since I was having some issues. I didn't get much sleep and had so much clotting and bleeding. Every time I would go to the bathroom I would have so much clotting that it felt like I was having another baby. One time I lost so much blood when I went to stand up I almost passed out and the nurse had to go get me a wheel chair! Since I had so much bleeding throughout the night they told me I couldn't go home the next day, which I wasn't expecting any ways. It ended up being a good thing. The next day was Friday and I was feeling pretty good actually. I had very slight bleeding and we thought everything was going good. Tyler started crying when he left the hospital because he wanted mommy to come too and it was so hard. It made me cry. I was sitting back watching some TV by myself when I felt a gush of blood again. Great. The nurse came in and checked me and was worried about how much blood came out so she called the doctor. It was the on call doctor who I had never met. This is going to be a little graphic but it has to be to tell you exactly what happened. She tells me she is sorry to do this to me but to bare with her because it is going to hurt. So I grab onto the sides of the bed and she sticks her whole hand up inside of me all the way up to my ribs and just starts scraping! I was basically moaning as loud as I could without just flat out screaming. After about 3 minutes...she pulls out a clot about the size of her hand. Then she proceeds to do an ultra sound and finds another clot that was at least 5 cm. She tells me she wants to take me to the OR and clean me out. My doctor had mentioned to me before that I might need a D and C but since I had hardly any bleeding that second day we thought I was in the clear. I started crying because I knew this meant I would NOT be coming home the next day like we told Tyler I would. SOOOO, it was like midnight and they send me up to the OR. Everything is a blur after that. I remember them asking if they should call Cody and I told them he probably wouldn't answer but they called him any ways. By this time it was almost 4 in the morning and I was so drugged I didn't even realize I had already had the surgery. HAHA I was still waiting to see the doctor not realizing I was already done and back in my room. When I finally woke up I realized I had been stuck a bunch of times and had blood being pumped in to me. The doctor came and talked to me about 6 in the morning as she was leaving for the day. She told me that she was inside me cleaning me out for a whole hour and so I had a high risk for infection. She also informed me that she used her hands mostly so that there would be minimal scar tissue in case we wanted to get pregnant again. THEN she proceeded to tell me that when the placenta attaches hard like it did, it usually is because the mother has had 4 or 5 kids already and she isn't sure why it did to on my second pregnancy. She also said that once it happens it is most likely to just happen with any other pregnancies. About that time was when I made the decision that two kids, a boy and a girl was perfect! haha I don't think I could do that all again. Then she told me about how much blood I lost and that they needed to transfuse me with 2 pints. I think it was pints any ways.....She said my blood count was down to 8 and that was way low and she was afraid that if I started bleeding again they would lose me. My veins were so weak from losing all the blood that they had lots of trouble getting an IV in. I had an IV in both arms. Later on that same day, the vein collapsed and they had to re-do it. Then the one in the other hand collapsed too and they ended up just taking it out. The one they re-did in my right arm was awful. I posted a picture already of how swollen it was. It was so bad I could barely bend my fingers and my arm was swollen all the way up to my shoulder. They gave me a catheter so I didn't have to get up and the whole day all I had to eat was jello, broth and ice! Later on that night I got a fever and had the shivers so bad. Poor Cody didn't want to leave me but he needed to go home to be with Tyler. It was another long night and my back was hurting me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad at this point that I could hardly stand it. I managed to get the catheter out and was able to get up to go to the bathroom by the next morning.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....the next day started out good but turned against me again. My blood was still low so I wasn't allowed to go home. Since I had a fever the night before I wasn't allowed to go home any ways until the fever was gone for at least 24 hours. About 10 or so the head ache struck. It was the worse pain ever and at first it only hurt if I was sitting straight up but as the day progressed it hurt so bad I couldn't sit up at all and my butt and back were still hurting so bad I could barely move. Katrina, Cody and Tyler came and helped for a little bit and then I kicked them all out so I could sleep. Tyler needed a nap so bad any ways and Katrina was needing to get home too. The nap helped a little bit but by that night they gave me some better drugs and the head ache went away almost completely. I actually called and talked to both of my sisters and then went to bed at like 11 or 12. The next day my head was still hurting but it was better. By 11 the head ache was completely gone and they said my blood was still low but slowly getting better. This was Monday and I had been in the hospital for 5 days now. My doctor told me I could go home. Tyler and Cody came to pick me up and by the time they came to get me I had totally over done it getting ready to go home that my head was hurting again. It was HORRIBLE getting in the car to do home. I had to sit forward with my head on the dash to try and relieve some of the pain. The rest of the day I was passed out on the couch. I was in so much pain. Poor Cody and I slept in the living room and it was so uncomfortable and Cody had to do everything for me. OH! My milk came in as well but I couldn't sit up to try to breast feed. I got out the pump I bought when I was breast feeding Tyler and it took me an hour to pump 2 oz! After wards I threw up from sitting up for so long. Going to the bathroom was awful because I couldn't stand up all the way. I was hunched over. ANY WAYS...the next day was about the same. Poor Cody had to do EVERYTHING and my head was so bad I couldn't sit up. I sat up for 30 minutes to try and breast feed and pump and threw up again. Tyler was standing right next to me when I threw up and he started laughing and put his hand on my shoulder while I was throwing up and kept saying, "Mommy, you're silly! I got a good nap and later was able to sit up for a while with no pain. Sarah brought us dinner which was so nice and her breast pump since mine sucks! This is getting so long so I am going to stop. The next day I woke up with no pain and was fine all day. I sat up pretty much all day and it was wonderful. Sorry this was so long and boring, and graphic! haha But that was my story....more to come about life after the head ache. :)

Okay so...

I was planning on writing a blog last night and we got home and just was lazy on the couch instead. Good news is we got out of the house for an hour! WOO HOO We are about to go to lunch and to Walmart so we are getting out of the house again. I just wanted to post some pictures we took this morning when we woke up. Kayla has on her first cheetah outfit so I had to take pictures and post them. I promise to try extra hard to post a real blog later and let everyone know about our drama. :)