Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Modern Conveniences

Isn't it funny how you get used to something that is a modern conveniences and forget that it is not necessary! My car has automatic locks on the doors and boy oh boy have I gotten used to that. Especially now with two kids. So I thought the clicker ( yup, that's the only word Cody and I could think of to call it ) was broken. I would push it but my front door wouldn't unlock. It turns out it is my door and not the clicker. Doh! Then I noticed that Tyler's door was sticking sometimes too. The two doors that get used almost daily. My car is still under warantee ( wow I spelled that so wrong that even the spell check didn't come up with the right spelling! ) so we wanted to get it fixed right away. I met Cody in Killeen yesterday and we dropped the car off at Auto Max which we decided is the worst auto max ever. After telling us, "Sure bring your car in" we get there and they tell us they don't know who we talked to but they are really busy and might not get to the car today. We were pissed especially since Killeen is an hour away and if it wasn't going to be fixed that day I was going to have to turn around in two hours to go all the way back to get Cody. Thankfully one of his buddies at work offered him a ride home. It was a good thing too because it was one of those days and I was exhausted and just wanted to lay on the couch and sleep. Plus I wanted Tyler to be able to take a nap which he did and it was so long that I had to wake him up at 6! It was awesome. Oh and I just wanted to mention again how awesome drivers in Texas are. I got flashed while driving and sure enough as I was coming up a hill there was a cop with her gun out just waiting for someone to speed past her. I don't speed any ways but it's always nice to be warned.

So then Cody let me go to Walmart without both kids. I was going to go by myself completely but at the last minute he needed to do something and I just brought Kayla with me which ended up being a bad thing because she kept screaming and I had to carry her and push the cart half the time I was there. But as I pulled into the parking lot I realized I forgot my phone! Don't you just hate that!!!! Where would we all be without cell phones? I never even had one until Cody and I started dating and he got me one so it would be easier and cheaper for us to talk when I went back to California. This blog kind of ended up being something other then what I wanted it to be but oh well. I just wanted to say that I am thankful for modern day conveniences because they keep me sane! I was so annoyed the last couple of days with needing to use my key to open my door, how dare I have to use a key. Then forgetting my cell phone and not being able to call Cody to ask him a question...I hate stuff like that but really would the world stop if we didn't have things like power locks and cell phones? NOPE, in fact the world would probably be a better place without most modern day conveniences but I prefer them to make my life less complicated. :)

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