Monday, February 23, 2009

365 week 32

I have no idea if that's right or not but here we go...

Jan 25th day 1

My tummy...Cody and I took these pictures before going to bed.

Jan 26th day 2

The cup says it all...this is actually a McDonald's cup. What other state does this you may ask...? Yeah I don't know either because I dounbt any other state does!

Jan 27th Day 3

We went to Temple and bought a new stove! YEAH! Then we had lunch at BJ's and it was WAY good. Tyler was a good boy too

Jan 28th day 4

Our new stove! WOO WOO We bought a new hood too but we didn't get that installed right away.

Jan29th Day 5

I decided to use two pictures for this day, a before picture and an here is me BEFORE having Kayla

And here she is just minutes after her birth! Isn't she cute?

Jan 30 day 6

Her mohawk

Jan 31 day 7
This was the day after my D and C. I didn't even get out of bed or hold Kayla...sorry no picture!

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Allison said...

SO I don't think they've ever put it on a cup, but Kentucky's famous little saying is "gettin lucky in Kentucky" I've always like that one.