Thursday, February 26, 2009

My sister is at it again!

My sister is at it again! Here is a blog she wrote on her myspace about water bottles and the harmful effects it has on our earth. Please read

Single use water bottles are horrible for this planet that we live on for sooooo many reasons... here are just a few.
1. Water bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.
2. Every year over 15 million barrels of oil are used to produce water bottles for the US.
3. Bottled water costs up to 15,000 times more then tap water.
4. Bottled water has a carbon footprint up to 600 times that of tap water.
5. About 40% of bottled water comes from municipal drinking water anyways.
6.Americans use 2.5 MILLION plastic water bottles EVERY HOUR and only around 10% are recycled!!!
That last facts is so insane!!! It makes me crazy!!!
So, what can we do? Jon, Noah and I have all switched to reusable water bottles made from metal. There are tons of choices out there that can fit your style and needs. They have lots of different companies now that make them in different styles, sizes, and designs. You can get them in non-leaching aluminum or non-leaching stainless steel. One of my favorite sites that I have mentioned in both previous blogs has lots of choices. They carry the bottle that Jon uses by Kleen Kanteen, or bottles by Earthlust or Sigg. I got my bottle from It has all the facts from above written on it, so hopefully as I carry it around people will read it and make a change. These bottles (like most things that are green) cost more up front, but save you money in the end. Bottles run between $10-$30 depending on size, shape and design. Most good ones of regular size will cost about $20. The thing is, you spend at least $4 on a case of water that last maybe a few weeks. These bottles will last for years! Plus, when you do after years of good use want a new one your old one can be recycled. I love mine, and Jon has been surprised by how much he likes his as well. The water taste really clean, and we don't have to worry about harmful cemicals leaching into our water like you do with plastic bottles (especially if they get heated up... like when you leave them in your car on a hot day). Hopefully we can all get on track and get one, and then get our friends and family to do the same. Mother Earth will thank us! :)

*I just wanted to add something ( this is Katie now ) I am a water bottle person and I didn't want to be so wasteful so I started reusing my plastic water bottles for a week or so and then would get a new one. NOT GOOD PEOPLE! Our water bottles are very delicate and once you use them once, they start leeching harmful chemicals into our water. Once you re-fill them, it scratches the insides and that's how it starts leaking into our water. And for those who want plastic still but want to be better about chemicals in our water, at Target they have plastic ones that are refillable that are BPA free ( which is what you want! ) If you have babies you can get BPA free baby bottles as well. This is important. PLease look for this when buying baby products that are plastic. Most say BPA free now, you probably have not even noticed though unless you knew about them already

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