Thursday, February 12, 2009

So sad

You know how some times your kids say something that just break your heart? I had this happen to me the other day. Tyler was having a rough day. He was driving mommy and daddy both crazy!!!! We were both so ready to put him to bed at like 5! This particular day I had decided to take Kayla and Tyler to Walmart by myself....yeah by the end of the trip I wanted to kill him. Cody and I are fine with a baby crying. It doesn't bother us. Tyler on the other hand does not like it when Kayla cries. He has to inform us that she is crying as if we can't hear. He yells, "Mom, Kayla's sqwaking!"

After not getting a nap thanks to a plumber who just showed up during nap time and should have come the day before and never did, he was grouchy and kept asking us the SAME question over and over and over again regardless of whether or not we answered it already. Tyler was trying to ask Cody something and he just kept repeating "II I I I I I " and as he was getting more and more frustrated that he couldn't seem to get out the sentence he wanted he would get louder and it was harder for him to talk. He does this when he is tired, excited or angry. He can't seem to think of how to talk so he just keeps repeating the first part of the sentence over and over again. It's awful to hear him do this. While trying to ask daddy something he finally said "I need medicine for my mouth." me thinking he was hurting or something was wrong, I ask him if his mouth hurt. Tyler says, "I I I I I I I need medicine for my talking!" He wanted mommy to give him medicine to help me talk better. It broke my heart! :( Poor little guy


Allison said...

If it makes you feel any better. Ella still does that. It's like in the middle of getting our attention and starting the sentence her mind wanders to something else and she doesn't want to lose our attention while she tries to remember what she was going to say. I have to say I think it is annoying too. Are we bad people for not having more patience?

Kade and Emily said...

It's such an adjustment for them. Poor little guy.
I still remember just after Ailee was born, we would put the kids down for bed and Ailee would cry a little before going to sleep. I could hear Maryn in her room next door whispering, "SHHHH! Be quiet! SHHH!"