Thursday, February 26, 2009


One thing I have failed to mention in my last couple of post is my daughters nubbies! Yup I said it. She has nubbies. I didn't notice them. About half an hour after she was born he came back into my hospital room and said,, "Did you see her nubbies?" I was like....."Um, no?!" Cody replies, "Oh she has little nubbies on her hands." We weren't really sure what they were. The next day her doctor came in to talk to us and he said that her nubbies were actually sixth fingers! Shut up!! Basically they started to grow but never developed all the way. When she gets older they'll put her to sleep and shave them off. So, our little girl tried to grow 6 fingers. Cody sometimes will be holding her and say, "I love you and your little nubbies!" haha


Stacor said...

Oh my! I'm totally laughing right now because that's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen...and funny! The photos of them are classic! I think that's awesome! GO KAYLA!

kailiaelf said...

I was watching a news thing and a couple had a child that grew the sixth digit on both hands and feet. But when you look at them, they look completely natural. My first thought was "That kid is going to be the most talented pianst ever!" But the couple was still deciding whether to surgically remove them when he gets older. I say no, because he obviously has a talent that goes along with it. Anyways, that was really long. But hers look more like warts, so probably better to get them taken off. Just wanted to share that story!