Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Findig time

Not only is it hard to find time to blog because I have a baby that LOVES to be held, but my husband keeps hogging my lap top even though he has his own he hasn't gotten out from his trip yet ( Love you Cody...) so between the two it has been hard for me to find time. Plus during nap time I have been napping too for the most part. SOOOOOO I had tons of things I wanted to write but as time goes on and I don't get to jot things down, I forget what I wanted to say. Doh!

This weekend was nice because we cleaned the house and it looked so nice. Cody bought a shed for the back yard and got it put together with help from the missionaries. NOW I get to have my house back! We are slowly getting all of his stuff out of the house that he has piled every where to help fix things. You know; paint, tools, extra tile, ladders, shingles for the roof, sheet rock, plaster....I could go on. They have taken over my house. They have been piled up in our living room ( the red room is what we call it ) and our guest room which is now Kayla's room. We haven't gotten everything out yet but we are getting closer and I can't WAIT to have a living room and a family room. It will give us so much more space and in a fourteen hundred square foot house it will help a LOT! I also can't remember if I wrote about our new oven! I am so excited! We officially have all new appliances in our kitchen. We bought a stove and a hood right before I had Kayla. The day before I went into the hospital they came and installed it. It's a ceramic top and it has been so nice to clean. So much easier and now our appliances all match. Cody also got some more work down in our bathroom. He got the light installed and painted a little. He wants to get our new mirror up too and when we do, I will take a picture and post it. I wish I had a good before picture of our bathroom but unfortunately I do not. Darn. Another thing we have done was yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby with Cody's parents and bought a frame for one of the canvases they made us for Christmas. We like it so much we plan on going back and buying 3 more so we can get them all hung up. They look so good. I have been dying to get them up so it's nice to finally have one of them up. We took our clock down to hang it and now we keep wondering what time it is! haha But that's okay.

I went to walmart and bought some new clothes. I don't have my pre-pregnant body back which I didn't expect to have back in 2 weeks so that's okay. I went to the doctor yesterday and weighted 208 which I was actually happy about. Normally I wear a size 16 jeans. I decided to not even take in a size 16 but instead to go straight for the 18's. To my surprise I grabbed 3 pair of jeans; 2 size 18 and one size 16. Guess which ones ended up fitting? The 16. Jeans are so weird. One pair of 18's were about 3 inches to long and I am pretty tall. Then the other size 18 were WAY to small. I couldn't even zip them up. So I wasn't going to even try the 16 but decided to any ways and they are actually really cute. i can't exercise until I get the okay at my 6 week check up so for now I am hoping to just keep my meals under control and I am trying to eat lots of fiber. I need to switch back to diet soda but I haven't been brave enough yet! That one is going to be hard for me. I really need to work on my 365 project. I think I missed 3 days while in the hospital and the first two days I was at home and miserable. I didn't feel like taking pictures and honestly i didn't even think about which show you how awful I felt. Since then I have tried REALLY hard to remember. My camera is actually acting up so I might be getting a new one for my birthday in April. That will be fun so we'll see.

Okay well this blog has taken me about 3 hours to write off and on and it's about nap time so I need to go. I will try and get some 365 stuff done later and get that posted. We'll see if I can get that done....that would make me happy!!!

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