Thursday, February 26, 2009

If you are OCD and you know it, wash your hands!

My little boy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO OCD most of the time. Every once in a while he plays in the dirt and we are amazed by it. Most times if he has food on his hands or something like it he asks for a wipe so he can clean his hands JUST LIKE MONK! He lines everything up too! Which if you look to your left I have posted a picture from our most recent visit to our favorite Mexican place in town. He lined up the sweet and low packets in side the window seal and got very upset when he realized his arms weren't long enough to finish the job. He gets up set over the weirdest things. For instance, today I didn't have a car because it was still at Auto Max and so I wore some black stretch pants all day. Tyler got very upset with me because he kept telling me to go put my blue pants on ( meaning my jeans ) and I kept telling him I didn't want to. He actually cried over this!! My kid drives us crazy and both cracks us up over this.

So earlier today he picked up one of our dryer balls and was playing with it. I had accidentally brought it in with the laundry and put it on the counter next to the back porch so the next time I needed to do laundry I could bring it out. It has the nubs all over it and there is a spot in the center where there is no nub but there isn't supposed to be. He found it and brought it to me very upset saying, "Mommy the pine cone is missing!" haha I think it was funny that he called the nubs pine cones. He proceeded to tell me and show me and wanted me to be upset with him. Finally I took a picture.

The title of the blog I got from facebook. For those familiar with flair, I got it from one of those. I actually sent it to Cody yesterday and then my sister sent it to me today with the caption ( for tyty ) I thought that was funny. So for those who thought I was being clever, it wasn't me!!

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Stacor said...

I am very OCD. Totally! And the missing "pine cone" would make me upset too!