Friday, February 27, 2009

Play ground fun and new cars

We had a lunch date today with Sarah, Julia and Colin. We had Taco Bell and then went to the play ground. The kids were having tons of fun throwing leaves every where. I wish I had my good camera with me but I still got some good pictures. here are my favorites.

Also I wanted to announce that Cody bought a new car! It's pretty nice but I am not sure if it compares to mine. What do you think? Which one do you like better?

Mine is the one on the left! haha Cody's is the one with no license plate? So what do you think? It's funny because everyone who has asked what the differences in the cars then makes a comment about me ending up with HIS. I don't want his,I like mine. His has leather inside and I am not a huge leather person. His has a high tech air conditioner too and I am good with mine. Any ways...I have a bunch of catching up to do on here so hopefully this week I can get a little more caught up. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


kailiaelf said...

Cute pics of the kids! That's funny with the cars. Couldn't have gotten a different color so you could tell them apart? LOL!

Stacor said...

I love your pictures. Come to Nebraska and take some for us, please.

One Precious Life said...

The pictures are too cute.And yea leather seats are yucky especially in Texas' humid summers.

Kade and Emily said...

Our friends have the exact same car as us...sometimes we try to open the wrong car with our keys. How many times have you done that so far?