Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's the Day of the Show Y'all

I hate coming up with a title every time I write because I always think of the same ones....this one is a quote from a favorite movie of mine. It's called "Waiting for Guffman" and if you like silly movies, especially mockumentaries, check it out! It's HYSTERICAL! And despite the rated R rating, it is a very ...once you get past the scene that says the "F" word in it about 5 times in 15 seconds ( the only reason it is rated R ) it's very entertaining. ANY WAYS....that was way off topic. I chose that quote because the day is almost here. The day I have my baby! YEAH! I know the title says "It's the DAY!" But I am leaving here at 5 in the morning tomorrow and will NOT be on the computer before that. haha I have finally gotten to the uncomfortable stage in the pregnancy where I do NOT sleep and it hurts extremely bad to roll over in bed. I am EXHAUSTED today but felt the need to take Tyler to story time at the library and then on a lunch date with Sarah and kids. I am glad we did because poor Tyler is going to be without his mommy for a while and he doesn't know that yet. I am getting so nervous for him but he is sooooooooooooo excited to see baby Kayla and to be a big brother. He is also extremely excited that Papa is here and has been in the best mood today. I need to run. I thought I was gonna have way more time to write but alas we are off to Uncle Kurts house for a quick play date before nap time. I will write more later and possibly up load a picture or two....we shall see

Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 31

Here is my newest week so I don't have to feel behind until Sunday! :D

Jan 18 Day 1

This is the back of my calendar I had made for me. This way you can see the pictures I used for it.

Jan 19 Day 2

I am pretty sure I took this one of Tyler while playing at the play ground with Katrina. I grabbed her camera and took some while they were playing. I thought this one was cute!

Jan 20 Day 3

This is actually a picture from my camera phone! It is of Tyler "thinking" like he is sitting on the thinking chair. Well his thinking chair in this picture just happens to be the potty! haha

Jan 21 day 4

We had a play date with Sarah and kids. Tyler and I went to the library for story time and then met then at our favorite pizza place. It was yummy and the kids loved playing out side on the porch after wards like they always do

Jan 22 Day 5

This was taken at BJ's the restaurant. It was SO good I have been DYING to go back. I think maybe I will convince Cody to take me there tomorrow. I had an appointment that morning and Sarah was sweet and met us out there in case I needed some help.

Jan 23 day 6

LOOK! It's daddy's air plane!

Jan 24 Day 7

This is a picture of my boys cuddling on the couch watching some Blues Clues together. I LOVE seeing them cuddle together.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

YEAH! Daddy came home! We had so much fun going to get him at the air port. Every time he leaves and then comes back lately it seems Tyler gets more and more attached to him and more and more excited to see him again! He let daddy hold him and hug him for a couple of minutes at the air port which if you know Tyler, only mommy is allowed to carry him ( which doesn't happen these days ). Any ways. We got to the air port just in time to see him plane taxi in. So we watched and I got to take pictures of Tyler watching daddy's plane. Then we got his bags and headed to dinner which unfortunately wasn't very good. BOOOOOO. I was feeling really gross too...I was honestly started to think maybe labor was starting and I thought to myself, "Well, we did tell her she had to wait until Daddy came home but I didn't expect it to be THAT quick!" haha But I was fine after we got home and went to bed.

Any ways. I was making fun of Cody all week because he was freezing his butt off in Washington and it had been so nice all week here in Texas. We got him at 5 in the evening and the air port said it was 77 degrees out! He was so excited. So we woke up the next morning and it was about 30 degrees out side. haha I told him it was his fault, he brought the cold with him. :) We had some plumbing problems which honestly, why do these things surprise me any more. We went to Walmart to get some liquid plumber stuff and because our plug was so strong we got the STRONG stuff. Yeah, the clog was so bad that even the strong stuff didn't work! It just backed a bunch of crap into our bath tub ( which is where the problem was ) and it smelled HORRIBLE! Like a mixture between old sewer and really strong chemicals. So we left the house to mail my sister a package and then to get some lunch. We got home and the smell was twice as bad. Cody called some plumbers and about an hour later I had to pee but Cody did NOT want me going into the bathroom. I went to my in laws with Tyler to go there and we hung out for about an hour or so. Then we came home and I put tyler down for a nap on my bed. We couldn't put him down on his bed because the crawl space to get underneath the house is in his closet and we had found a plumber to come out and fix stuff for us. SOOOOO while Tyler and I tried to nap, Cody was awesome and did the dishes and cleaned up a bunch of Tyler's toys. It was so nice. Once I got up the plumber was here and I had to pee BAD ( I mean I am 9 months pregnant ) and so I went to Kurt and Stacie's again. When I got home the plumber had finished and Tyler woke up from his nap. We decided to try and get the smell out of the house and leave to go get dinner. We plugged in a air freshener thing Stacie brought for us and then went to get pizza. It was yummy. Then we took Tyler to the dollar store and bought a couple of things. I found a CUTE pair of cheetah PJ's for Kayla for when she is older. :D we got home and the smell was still there but we could smell the air freshener over it a little. By the time we went to bed it was better but still strong. When I got up in the morning it was almost all the way gone. We plugged the air freshener back in when we left for church and by the time we got home it smelled fine. Thank goodness. Church was good and Cody has been so awesome about helping me out and getting things for Tyler so I don't have to get up and down off the couch every 10 minutes like I normally have to do. Any ways. Last night I had Cody take some pictures of my belly for me. Katrina and I were going to do some of these and ran out of time so I told Cody what I wanted and had him do them. When I say it's my belly, I mean it;s my bare belly so if you don't want to see that....I guess don't look! haha

Thursday is hopefully the big day. I am feeling okay still and having Cody home has helped SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. We were nervous about poor Tyler and what we were going to do with him on Thursday so we decided to ask Cody's dad if we could fly him out for a couple of days. He is so wonderful to do that for us. He flies in at midnight on Tuesday and then will have Wednesday to get familiar with Tyler again and then Thursday is the big day. He will fly home on Sunday so we are very excited. Then Cody's parents are going to be back in Texas for a teachers thing Cody's mom has around the 14th of February. Then we are going to fly my parents out in March. They are all very excited and everyone is making bets on whether or not she will have red hair. We hope she does. Okay I am done babbling for now. This post was kind of boring but I just wanted to get all of that out of the way.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Stuff Done

I figured since I have no idea when the baby is coming, other then for sure by Thursday, I better get my butt in gear about my 365 project! I thought I was WAYYYYYYY behind again but I was actually doing good. I only had two weeks to do this time and one week was this week. So I am caught up as of today! WOO HOO! Actually I lied, I have not taken a picture today because I was planning on taking one of Tyler and daddy at the air port. :D Okay so here is week 29 and 30...again, I am pretty sure what week I am at any ways. I guess one of these days I should go back and count. I am just too lazy.

Jan 4 Day 1

Daddy and Tyler building what we thought would be their last block tower for a couple of days.

Jan 5 day 2

It iced and so daddy got to stay home an extra day! It was such a great treat and we had a great relaxing day just the three of us!

Jan 6 day 3

Tyler glued to the TV

Jan 7 day 4

This was at my doctor office waiting room. Tyler was tired. It was nap time but he was a good boy!

Jan 8 day 5

A pimp hat and a skull little guy is styling

Jan 9 day 6

At our Mexican restaurant El Tapatio. MMMMMMMMMMMM after this we went back to Aunt Stacie's and did some fire works

Jan 10 day 7

Me 36 weeks pregnant! This was after a day of shopping and the nasty bug in Stacie's food.

And now for the next week......

Jan 11 day 1

This is Tyler and Calvin at church. This is my sunbeam class! And it was their second week in Primary! I am kind of sad I didn't think to take a picture the week before of Tyler's FIRST day in Primary. Oh well.

Jan 12 Day 2

My little sicko! He had a temperature and had a long day with no naps! We had to go to the doctor and then we had to fill his prescription's and it was a long day but he was surprisingly very good. This was taken at about 8 in the evening when I noticed he had passed out. I love how you can see the drool all over the pillow! haha

Jan 13 day 3

This was the day he randomly decided to poop on the potty and it made mommy so proud! I took this picture before he even went because I just had a feeling he was going to do it! YEAH TYLER

Jan 14 day 4

We got a new car seat for Kayla and Tyler took over the box it came in! He was so excited when he got up from his nap and noticed it! He crawled inside with his DVD player and watched some DVD's

Jan 15 day 5

Reading a story on the couch

Jan 16 day 6

Okay so I actually forgot to take a picture this day! I was REALLY mad when I realized it half way through the next day. SOOOOO this picture is actually from the day before. I printed out these pictures and put them in a frame and hung them. I REALLy like the way it turned out!

Jan 17 day 7

This is my tummy! DUH! haha I thought this picture would turn out a little better then it did but my stomach is so freaking white that it kept glaring really bad. This was the best out of three.

I seriously have the next week done too but since there are two days left still I can't post it yet. I will be ready to post it as soon i take the pictures this time which is so refreshing! I hope not to get TOOOOOOO behind once the baby comes. Of course I will probably be taking a million pictures of her everyday and e-mailing them to people so maybe it won't be as bad as it seems. :D Okay we are off to go get daddy in about half an hour and we are so excited! Peace out

Slacking big time

Man have I been slacking on the blogs. Miss Kayla is so far up into my ribs that it is hard to sit forward for long periods of time. In fact, the other day I was sitting forward talking to Cody on the internet and she wanted me to sit back and so she proceeded to take her foot and push it into my ribs until I decided to sit back! haha I hope that is not any indication of how her personality is going to be out side of the womb. I don't know if I can handle another stubborn kid! Any ways. Here is my update on all of that stuff....I am 38 weeks today and will not make it to 39 weeks. I know this because in just under a week, on the 29th to be exact, I will be induced! I am excited about this although I don't know if I will even last that long. I hope I do but we shall see. I am also picking Cody up at the air port this evening! YEAH! I am so excited. I will feel soooooooooooooo much better having him home. I had an appointment yesterday and I was dilated 1cm. After my appointment, we met Sarah and kids at Target and then had some lunch with them. ( which was so freaking good by the way....) When we got back home that afternoon I was bleeding slightly. I think it was just from being checked. It still made me nervous though. I laid down to take a nap because I was EXHAUSTED but it didn't last very long, which is good because then I was still able to sleep last night. In fact, I couldn't believe it but I went the whole night with only getting up ONCE to pee! I had to pee the second I got up at 7:30 but I am not counting that. I had a wonderful dream too! It was about me giving birth and having Kayla. It actually showed her in my dream and she was gorgeous! She had the tiniest bit of red hair too, which I think would be TOTALLY unfair if she didn't so we shall see. my sister in law Allison was nice enough to buy me a baby carrier for when she comes and when she wrote me an e-mail to let me know she had ordered it she made a comment about having a little red headed niece. Then she said, "I think I will still love her if she doesn't have red hair!" HAHA I thought that was so funny because that's kind of how Cody and I are feeling. Of course we will freaking love her even if she came out with no arms and half a face! But it's funny to think about her not having red hair, so we are crossing our fingers. I am sure my mom is crossing her fingers too. :D

I have been dying to write a blog about two other things....The first one happened to me like a month and a half ago and is still making me laugh. On the way to one of my doctors appointments it was a very pretty day. It's hard to not let my eyes wander because it is a pretty drive through farm lands. Lots of horses and cows and pretty green grass with lots of trees. I actually enjoy the drive even though it takes 45 minutes. Any ways. On this particular day I was letting my eyes wander a little too much and we came upon a farm with lots of cows. For those of you who are not used to seeing farms most of them have feeders for the cows that are round so the cows can stand all the way around it and eat. There were a ton of cows ALL the way around the feeder with no room for any one else basically. Then there was one cow all by himself about 30 feet away. What made this SOOOOOOOOOOO funny was that the cows at the feeder were ALL brown and black and the cow 30 feet away was as white as can be! I laughed so hard and wanted so badly to pull over and take a picture. How awesome would that picture have been but I didn't have my good camera with me and I was running late for my appointment. Needless to say every time I drive past that farm now I check it see if they are re-enacting it for me but so far no such luck!

The second thing I have been meaning to write about for like 2 months now is one of the reason I LOVE Texas. Usually I am ragging on Texas and making the people here seem so weird but I have something that I think is wonderful about this state. Actually it's not just a Texas thing, but more a Southern thing but regardless, I LOVE IT! I was driving to the air port in December to pick up Cody. It was about 6 in the evening and I was driving the speed limit. I pretty much always drive the speed limit to the point where it is annoying. If it is 60mph I set my cruise at 61 mph HAHA Any ways. I come around a corner and about 5 cars in a row on the other side of the row each flash their brights at me. Okay so in California where I am from they probably would have been shot! :) HERE, we wave thank you because what they are doing is warning you that there is a cop ahead. Sure enough I come up the hill and there was a cop hiding very well off to my right. I was going the speed limit to begin with so I didn't have to worry about it but there were quite a few people a head of me that needed to slow down. I LOVE THAT ABOUT TEXAS DRIVERS! Another reason I love this is because they will also warn you if there is an animal in the road. One time Cody was driving to work in the morning and he was going about 50 which is the speed limit on the army base. Someone flashed him and Cody being caution thought he better slow down even though he was already doing the speed limit. There are lots of animals on Fort Hood so he wanted to be safe. Sure enough he came around a blind corner going about 35 and had to hit his breaks. There was a 400 lb long horn cow just hanging out in the middle of the road. If Cody had been going any faster he would have hit it and with how big it was he probably would not have survived! So, if you are ever driving through Texas and someone flashes you, don't get mad! They are warning you something is ahead and you better slow your butt down!

I hate posting blogs with no pictures so here is a picture I took on Wednesday of Tyler and Julia playing together. I thought this was so cute!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I messed up!

I knew I had messed something up when Tyler's top ten only had one honorable mention! haha I was going to put the pictures of Tyler and daddy in the Tyler top ten. I realized last night while I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep that I had forgotten one of my pictures for the other top ten. So here it is....It should be in the top ten but since it is an after thought, I guess it gets to be an honorable mention as well....

Honorable mention

This was taken at the Santa Monica Pier in Southern Cali. Man I miss Southern Cali when I look at this picture...but trust me when I say I am enjoying the low cost living in Texas...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BEST of 2008

I finally got all of my pictures together that were my favorite in 2008. So many were of Tyler and so I decided to do a top 10 of Tyler by himself, and then a top 10 of everything else. Of course I not only ended up with 10 for each group but I of course have some honorable mentions! :D I knew that would happy. I am going to start out with the regular best of of 2008!

Okay so here are my honorable mentions, starting with the pregnant belly!

This one is fairly new so you have seen it recently but I just love capturing moments like this between Daddy and Tyler

I liked the way this one came out with Kim and Ender. I had been wanting to try this pose for a while and had no one to try it with. Thank goodness Kim and Ender like getting their picture taken! haha

Miss Bradlie May on the swings when we went to go visit. I just thought this picture was so sweet.

ANd now for my top ten of the year. I have these in a count down type order but after going through them just now I probably don't agree with the way I did it. However I am too lazy to fix them and it is almost time to put Ty down for bed so here it is in the order I originally put them

TEN -Tyler and his cousin Ella playing for the first time. Ella was so sweet to him and even though he was following her every where she just kept holding his hand and letting him. :D

NINE- I was very lucky to get this picture, however I wish I didn't have to take it behind a screen door because of the glare. I was still very excited to not scare the birds away to get this great shot of the mommy feeding the babies. It was very sweet

EIGHT- I REALLY love this picture of the Temple at night....this is one I would change if I weren't lazy. I would put it much closer to the number one spot...

SEVEN- I love the red rock mountains they have in Utah. They are just so pretty.

SIX- Scott and Lauren. I just LOVE this picture...and I love it even more in the black and white I changed it too. I framed this for them for their anniversary and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoy it.

FIVE-I just really love the way this one turned out. I love how sweet Scott and Lauren look and how innocent and cute Bradlie is. When I get a cool editing program, I am going to edit the back so there are no people in it! haha

FOUR-This was one of my favorite ones of the Temple during the day time.

THREE- This is another one of those where you take it and think, this would be a cool picture but are still surprised when you get it on the computer and fall in love with it! I LOVE this one for some reason...I guess it's the artsy fartsy in me...

TWO-I love the way this one turned out of Myra taking pictures of the birds. I love her reflection in the water and how pretty the beach looks.

ONE- On our way to Utah we stopped at the Painted Desert in Arizona to take pictures. I am so glad because I think this one might be my favorite from the entire's hard to say but I DO love this picture. I especially love the colors.

And now for my Tyler ones... I actually only have ONE honorable mention
Tyler and his daddy! I LOVE this picture. It was take four or five days before Cody left for Iraq and I love their little profiles

TEN-I love this picture of him just hitting the water! There is pure joy on his face.

NINE- I wanted to have a picture of him wearing his boots and I decided on this collage. I kind of cheated since it is actually 3 pictures but oh well.

EIGHT-My little naked boy! I absolutely love this picture...It probably should be closer to number one on the list

SEVEN- This was Tyler saying, "HERE I AM!" i love how sweet his face is in this picture. I just love his face in general but I love how is personality shows in this picture.

SIX-I loved the one this one turned out!

FIVE- This one is one of my favorites too because the picture turned out so clear and I love his eye lashes and I especially love it in Black and White.

FOUR-I call this one his Calvin Klein picture. I like this one because I love the shadowing on his face and it was one of the first pictures where I could actually SEE him growing up!

THREE-I absolutely love this picture of him kissing the Old Navy dog! I love it because he is so sweet and innocent in it. I love it because dogs in real life, scare the crap out of him

TWO-I love this one because he is actually saying "CHEESE" and I love how his hair is sticking straight up and that he is on the trampoline because it's his favorite place to be!

ONE-I LOVE THIS PICTURE! And I especially love that my favorite picture of Tyler isn't of his face! Again I especially liked it after I changed it to black and white. We have this one printed on Canvas and I can't wait to get it up on the wall