Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh HAPPY day!

Yesterday was kind of a strange day! Tyler started running a fever on Sunday. I noticed at church he was feeling really warm. We laid down for naps and Tyler basically talked to himself for an hour and a half. I finally just got him up and Madison and Stacie came over and had dinner with us. Then we made cup cakes and frosting and had some fun. Stacie and I fooled around on the internet. :D They left and Tyler went to sleep. The next morning we woke up before 8 which is kind of rare for us lately. Tyler was very warm and kept coughing so I call and made him an appointment with his doctor for that afternoon. I was relieved because we went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping and Tyler's nose started running like crazy while we were there. I felt awful too because Tyler was a very good boy and if he is a good boy then he gets to ride on one of the quarter rides. They had them closed off because they were cleaning the windows. He BALLED! I felt so bad because I promised him he could ride them. So I had to think of something else so I bribed him with an ice cream cone from sonic! haha He finally stopped crying and agreed. I felt so guilty since he was already running a fever and felt awful.

Any ways. We went home and had lunch...well, I had lunch and he didn't eat his. Then we went to his doctors appointment. I love his doctor. He told me that basically it is allergies but because I hadn't done anything about it he got a little post nasal drip which caused a fever. SO, he gave me something for his allergies which were free samples so I didn't have to buy something. Then he also gave me something to help with the cold he had. I also need to mention that he had gained a pound since his last visit which was only a month ago and hadn't even eaten anything all day but yogurt! How is my kid as big as he is I swear!?!?! HHe was 45.9 lbs. So we get in the car and drive home which is about 45 minutes or so and then we go straight to the store to fill his prescription. It is nap time so I was expecting him to be CRAZY! He was actually VERY good. It was awesome. We got home and I gave him some of his drugs and he was pretty tired so he was just chilling on the couch watching some TV. I was able to make dinner and clean the kitchen. Then I had some dinner and talked to daddy on the phone. He felt like he was getting worse as far as the fever goes. I wanted to give him some Motrin before I put him to bed. I was talking to my mom and all of the sudden I look over and he was asleep on our ottoman thing. It was only 8 and he was OUT! I took some pictures I will post later. At 9 I woke him up and put some pants on him and transferred him to his bed. He basically slept from 8 until almost 9 the next morning. It was nice and I think helped a lot. He has been coughing like crazy today and his nose has been out of control. Poor little guy. He ate a little bit today which is better then yesterday and at about 2 ( which is right around the time we normally start getting ready for nap time ) he comes in the living room and announces that he has to use the potty. I look up and say, "DO you want to go on the big boy potty?" and he says, "NO I want to go on the momma potty!" haha SO I get up and I take him to the bathroom, pull his pants down, take his diaper off and sit him down. He basically played for like 10 minutes until I had to pee really bad and made him get off. He kept telling me he had to poop! So when I took him off I put him on his little training potty chair while I peed. Then he asked to go back on the big potty. I put him on it and told him he needed to poop if he was going to. He was just playing some more and I went and got the timer and told him when the timer went off we were brushing our teeth and going to bed. About 2 minutes later I thought I heard a splash and Tyler looks at me and yells, "I DID IT!" I couldn't believe it! He didn't want to get down yet so I waited until the alarm went off and went to pull him off the potty and sure enough he had pooped! I was so excited. So we celebrated with some M & M's and then nap time. :D It was a good day. Not only did he poop on the potty but American Idols started tonight. I am in Heaven!

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