Friday, January 9, 2009


I hate needing to get a new calendar every year. It always sneaks up on me and before you know it, it is January and I have no idea what day it is because I forgot to buy a calendar again! This year was no exception, in fact, this year I STILL don't have one yet. I have been a cheap the last couple of years too and gotten one at the dollar store printed on cheap paper. I always seem to buy the ones with pretty scenery pictures too. So this year I decided why buy someone else pretty pictures when I have my own? So that has been my project this week. I have been picking out 12 pictures I wouldn't mind looking at for a month at a time. I think I will enjoy it more once I hang it up too. I always wanted to do one with pictures of Tyler or something but kids change so much in a years time that I figured by the time we got to Christmas, he would look so different it would seem weird having his old picture up. Today, I finally ordered my calendar! YEAH! I let you know when I get it. I was going to post all the pictures I decided to use but they are really big and I am too lazy to shrink them right now. Maybe later. I need to go over my lesson for Sunday. I am the new sunbeam teacher. Hopefully that goes over well. I have Tyler and another boy named Calvin. Just the two boys. It should be fun and hopefully once the baby comes it won't be to hard to keep up with. Okay I am off for now...have a great day and I am sure I will be back on here again later tonight :D

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