Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Losing it...

I lost my "plug" Saturday and was a little nervous about it. I know a lot of people lose it and then still don't go into labor for weeks but everything is making me nervous with Cody gone. If Cody were home i would invite labor. haha I am huge and ready for the baby to come. We are hopeful Cody will make it home Friday or Saturday and then if I don't go into labor on my own, I will for sure have the baby next Thursday so I am getting nervous and excited. My doctors appointment is on Thursday this week which I can't believe is only two more days away. Tomorrow we are going to try and do story time at the library and some lunch with Sarah, Julia and Colin. That will make the day go by quick and then it will my appointment and hopefully then we will be bale to pick up daddy Friday at the air port. That would be awesome but we shall see. Hopefully my doctors appointment goes well. I still don't feel swollen but it seems like I get more aches and pains with each day that passes. I have been sleeping really good the last few days which is both a blessing and a curse. Because I am sleeping so good it means laying in one position for way too long and now I am having a lot of soreness and cramps in my legs once I get up. Plus it bothers my back. But I LOVE sleeping well so I guess it is worth it. This morning I didn't wake up until about quarter to 9 and poor Tyler was just laying in his bed waiting for me to wake up and come get him. He's such a good boy sometimes. :D

Enough of the pregnant talk though. Saturday Stacie came over and helped me around the house. that was awesome and then the next day was Sunday and we ditched church. I am really glad we did too. I know that sounds awful but Tyler had SUCH a rough morning at home that I can only imagine how he would have been at church. While Tyler was taking his nap, my friend Katrina got here. She lives in Austin but I have known her for 10 plus years. Probably more like 15 years. Any ways. She spent the night and then the next day we went to a park here in G-ville and took some maternity/mommy tyler pictures. I loved how most of them came out! :D So here are some new pictures to share with everyone. There's going to be a lot of them so I am just warning you now. ENJOY! Oh and my friend Katrina is like me. She is slowly trying to build up a portfolio and start her own business. So if you live close to Austin and want to have her take pictures for you, let me know. She just started her own blog for her pictures but she couldn't remember the link so I will post it as soon as she gets it to me. Thanks Katrina! Love you

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