Monday, January 12, 2009

365 week 20something...

I am not sure what week this is but it is the week of Christmas. I need to catch up before I get a whole month behind. I am sure once I get another baby here it will be even harder to keep up. So I better not get behind before she even gets here. :) Any ways. Here is this week and hopefully later on tonight I can do another week or two.

Dec 21 day 1

I too a bunch of pictures of Tyler and Cody cuddling together. I really liked the way this one turned out with both of their hands! I especially like it in black and white!

dec 22 Day 2

My favorite skull dress Cody bought for Kayla!

Dec 23 day 3

We met Sarah, Julia and Colin at Taco Bell. Afterwards the kids always like to go out on the porch and run around. Tyler was looking around and all of the sudden yells, "Look shopping!" There is a store called the Dollar General across the street that him and I go to once a week probably. haha I couldn't believe he could see it all the way from Taco Bell

Dec 24 day 4

Tyler took a really long nap and when he got up was very groggy! We decided to let him open a Christmas present because we had bought him some PJ's and wanted to put them on him. It was funny because he was half asleep when he opened it and started crying because it wasn't a toy! haha

Dec 25 day 5

We had SO many good pictures from this day but I choose this one since it was all three of us and it says, "Merry Christmas Y'all!" Oh and by the way this was not in our yard! This was at a park in our town. I would NEVER buy a Texas shaped Christmas decoration for our house!

Dec 26 day 6

A lot of the pictures from this week are repeats. This was Tyler chilling on the couch watching Tv with his basket over his head! haha

Dec 27 day 7

This was our 5 year anniversary! We were on our way to Waco to look at furniture and go to lunch. This was the storm we had to drive through. I love when you can actually see the line of clouds like in this picture. It was cool looking. And believe it or not but on the drive home 3 hours later, there was nothing but white clouds and blue skies. Crazy Texas weather

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One Precious Life said...

I have always had a thing for cloud pictures.Its purdy!