Saturday, January 17, 2009


It is so nice when someone else admires something you worked on. I know everyone feels this way because it validates our efforts. Sometimes taking pictures is a curse because everyone is so used to seeing pictures and receiving pictures that its just not a big deal any more. Especially a good picture, you see them every where with how big digital cameras are. So for me it's nice when someone notices a picture I took and likes it. It's especially nice when it is someone close to you. I have a picture I took over 2 years ago at the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas. I have always liked the picture but after posting it on myspace and a couple of other places it never seemed like anyone else like it too. Which is fine because there are a lot of pictures I have taken that over the years that I love that no one else has ever commented on. Whatever right. I was talking to my mom the other day and she has been very supportive of my photography since I have lived with her. I know you guys already know about the Temple collage she made with all pictures that I took. Well, now she wants to do another collage of all pictures of Utah scenery that I took while I was there the last 6 months. I sent her a bunch of pictures and some of them weren't what she wanted so she called me to get me to send her some new ones. While talking with her I noticed we just don't have the same opinion about which pictures are pretty and to her what pictures are "artsy". Any ways. She informed me that the "umbrella picture" that I took in San Antonio was something she wanted to blow up and frame some day. YEAH! Then she didn't stop there. She said that she told Kristy, my sister who writes the green blogs, that she wanted to blow it up and frame it and my sister said she wants to blow it up on Canvas. WOW! That made me feel so good. So without further a due, here is the picture. I REALLY want to be able to photo shop the two girls out of the picture when I can manage to get a photoshop that does cool stuff like that!

PS I am ALMOST done with my BEST of 2008! Coming soon....hopefully later today!


Sarah said...

My family always compliments how well you take pictures of my babies!

Kade and Emily said...

I have always thought your pictures are great! Of course, I am comparing them to my lousy photography skills, so it may not say much...but I do enjoy looking at your pictures.
And, that is my favorite spot on the river walk. It's always so lively there.