Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BEST of 2008

I finally got all of my pictures together that were my favorite in 2008. So many were of Tyler and so I decided to do a top 10 of Tyler by himself, and then a top 10 of everything else. Of course I not only ended up with 10 for each group but I of course have some honorable mentions! :D I knew that would happy. I am going to start out with the regular best of of 2008!

Okay so here are my honorable mentions, starting with the pregnant belly!

This one is fairly new so you have seen it recently but I just love capturing moments like this between Daddy and Tyler

I liked the way this one came out with Kim and Ender. I had been wanting to try this pose for a while and had no one to try it with. Thank goodness Kim and Ender like getting their picture taken! haha

Miss Bradlie May on the swings when we went to go visit. I just thought this picture was so sweet.

ANd now for my top ten of the year. I have these in a count down type order but after going through them just now I probably don't agree with the way I did it. However I am too lazy to fix them and it is almost time to put Ty down for bed so here it is in the order I originally put them

TEN -Tyler and his cousin Ella playing for the first time. Ella was so sweet to him and even though he was following her every where she just kept holding his hand and letting him. :D

NINE- I was very lucky to get this picture, however I wish I didn't have to take it behind a screen door because of the glare. I was still very excited to not scare the birds away to get this great shot of the mommy feeding the babies. It was very sweet

EIGHT- I REALLY love this picture of the Temple at night....this is one I would change if I weren't lazy. I would put it much closer to the number one spot...

SEVEN- I love the red rock mountains they have in Utah. They are just so pretty.

SIX- Scott and Lauren. I just LOVE this picture...and I love it even more in the black and white I changed it too. I framed this for them for their anniversary and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoy it.

FIVE-I just really love the way this one turned out. I love how sweet Scott and Lauren look and how innocent and cute Bradlie is. When I get a cool editing program, I am going to edit the back so there are no people in it! haha

FOUR-This was one of my favorite ones of the Temple during the day time.

THREE- This is another one of those where you take it and think, this would be a cool picture but are still surprised when you get it on the computer and fall in love with it! I LOVE this one for some reason...I guess it's the artsy fartsy in me...

TWO-I love the way this one turned out of Myra taking pictures of the birds. I love her reflection in the water and how pretty the beach looks.

ONE- On our way to Utah we stopped at the Painted Desert in Arizona to take pictures. I am so glad because I think this one might be my favorite from the entire year...it's hard to say but I DO love this picture. I especially love the colors.

And now for my Tyler ones... I actually only have ONE honorable mention
Tyler and his daddy! I LOVE this picture. It was take four or five days before Cody left for Iraq and I love their little profiles

TEN-I love this picture of him just hitting the water! There is pure joy on his face.

NINE- I wanted to have a picture of him wearing his boots and I decided on this collage. I kind of cheated since it is actually 3 pictures but oh well.

EIGHT-My little naked boy! I absolutely love this picture...It probably should be closer to number one on the list

SEVEN- This was Tyler saying, "HERE I AM!" i love how sweet his face is in this picture. I just love his face in general but I love how is personality shows in this picture.

SIX-I loved the one this one turned out!

FIVE- This one is one of my favorites too because the picture turned out so clear and I love his eye lashes and I especially love it in Black and White.

FOUR-I call this one his Calvin Klein picture. I like this one because I love the shadowing on his face and it was one of the first pictures where I could actually SEE him growing up!

THREE-I absolutely love this picture of him kissing the Old Navy dog! I love it because he is so sweet and innocent in it. I love it because dogs in real life, scare the crap out of him

TWO-I love this one because he is actually saying "CHEESE" and I love how his hair is sticking straight up and that he is on the trampoline because it's his favorite place to be!

ONE-I LOVE THIS PICTURE! And I especially love that my favorite picture of Tyler isn't of his face! Again I especially liked it after I changed it to black and white. We have this one printed on Canvas and I can't wait to get it up on the wall


One Precious Life said...

These pictures are soo good.I love the Calvin Klein pic.

Sandy said...

So awesome!!! They're all so great!