Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's the Day of the Show Y'all

I hate coming up with a title every time I write because I always think of the same ones....this one is a quote from a favorite movie of mine. It's called "Waiting for Guffman" and if you like silly movies, especially mockumentaries, check it out! It's HYSTERICAL! And despite the rated R rating, it is a very ...once you get past the scene that says the "F" word in it about 5 times in 15 seconds ( the only reason it is rated R ) it's very entertaining. ANY WAYS....that was way off topic. I chose that quote because the day is almost here. The day I have my baby! YEAH! I know the title says "It's the DAY!" But I am leaving here at 5 in the morning tomorrow and will NOT be on the computer before that. haha I have finally gotten to the uncomfortable stage in the pregnancy where I do NOT sleep and it hurts extremely bad to roll over in bed. I am EXHAUSTED today but felt the need to take Tyler to story time at the library and then on a lunch date with Sarah and kids. I am glad we did because poor Tyler is going to be without his mommy for a while and he doesn't know that yet. I am getting so nervous for him but he is sooooooooooooo excited to see baby Kayla and to be a big brother. He is also extremely excited that Papa is here and has been in the best mood today. I need to run. I thought I was gonna have way more time to write but alas we are off to Uncle Kurts house for a quick play date before nap time. I will write more later and possibly up load a picture or two....we shall see

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Kade and Emily said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!!