Saturday, January 3, 2009

A baby Shower Game

Since this is my second baby, I didn't want a baby shower. A couple of people told me, "But it's a girl so it's different." Nah! I don't need to have another one. However, I thought it would be fun if I could do a typical shower game here on my blog. WOO WOO I decided the best game to do over the internet would be the "Guess how big mommy is" game. To be fair I will tell you this: My waste was already about 37 inches around BEFORE I got pregnant so you might not want to go any lower then that! haha I am posting a couple of pictures of my belly from different angles to help the process. NOW, I would gladly do a game prize but I am not sure what to use as a gift. Any suggestion? Something that is fun and easy to ship. So leave me your measurements. And trust me when I say I will NOT be offended at how big you guess, otherwise I would not have put this on our blog for every one to do. I will wait about a week or so to post the results. I will say Friday which is January 9th. Leave me your measurement and your prize suggestion as a comment or if you have my e-mail address you could e-mail it to me. Have fun with this because I wanted it to be something that was fun to do and not a pain. :)

Also, just so there is NO confusion, I measured myself after taking these picture and that is the measurement I am going to use.


kailiaelf said...

67 inches is my guess....a giftcard somewhere would be the easiest thing to ship!

Stacor said...

I think you should get something small and only like $5 from Ikea, since some of us aren't fortunate to have one in our state...lucky bitch. I'm going to guess 56 inches?! Gaah! The Bella Band you're wearing stops being comfortable at 60 inches, so I'm going with 56. Love you!

Allison said...

My guess is 50 inches. I am too lazy to go get a tape measure and put around me to try and make a better guess. I hope I win!