Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

We had a lunch playdate with Sarah, Julia and Colin both Tuesday and Friday. We had lots of fun. Both days were nice and warm outside so we went to the playground after lunch. That was nice for Tyler and I got to take some cute pictures. You know how I like taking pictures. Here are some of the pictures from both days

These are from Tuesday. I was so sad because the picture of Sarah and Julia was actually a posed picture and I was using my little camera that I keep in my purse and sometimes I forget that it takes pictures different. So I thought it had taken the picture and I started to move the camera and Julia started to climb again and then it took it! DOH! But I thought it still ended up being fairly cute.

I really like the first one of Julia here! She was saying "HANDY MANNY!" haha

In between our lunch dates with them, we drove a little over an hour to meet Katrina for some shopping, lunch and some more playground fun! Tyler's 3 favorite things to pass the time. It was nice because it was our first time seeing Katrina since June. We met her at IKEA

Then we Had lunch at Fridays and it was REALLY good. After that we found a playground that was actually in the parking lot with the IKEA. So we took Tyler and let him run around.

That first picture of Tyler and I cracks me up because my stomach looks HUGE! I told Katrina to take one that had my stomach in it because I didn't really have nay with Tyler and I together where you can see my preggo belly very well. I looked at it after wards and was like "Holy crap I look huge" and Katrina laughed at me and reminded me that I wanted her to get my belly in. Heehee

After we left Katrina we met Cody in Temple and went to Target to try and buy Kayla some stuff. Yeah they pretty much didn't have anything I wanted for her. Oh well. This was my pathetic attempt at an update blog. Hopefully it wasn't too boring and that the pictures were enjoyable. :)

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