Friday, January 23, 2009

Slacking big time

Man have I been slacking on the blogs. Miss Kayla is so far up into my ribs that it is hard to sit forward for long periods of time. In fact, the other day I was sitting forward talking to Cody on the internet and she wanted me to sit back and so she proceeded to take her foot and push it into my ribs until I decided to sit back! haha I hope that is not any indication of how her personality is going to be out side of the womb. I don't know if I can handle another stubborn kid! Any ways. Here is my update on all of that stuff....I am 38 weeks today and will not make it to 39 weeks. I know this because in just under a week, on the 29th to be exact, I will be induced! I am excited about this although I don't know if I will even last that long. I hope I do but we shall see. I am also picking Cody up at the air port this evening! YEAH! I am so excited. I will feel soooooooooooooo much better having him home. I had an appointment yesterday and I was dilated 1cm. After my appointment, we met Sarah and kids at Target and then had some lunch with them. ( which was so freaking good by the way....) When we got back home that afternoon I was bleeding slightly. I think it was just from being checked. It still made me nervous though. I laid down to take a nap because I was EXHAUSTED but it didn't last very long, which is good because then I was still able to sleep last night. In fact, I couldn't believe it but I went the whole night with only getting up ONCE to pee! I had to pee the second I got up at 7:30 but I am not counting that. I had a wonderful dream too! It was about me giving birth and having Kayla. It actually showed her in my dream and she was gorgeous! She had the tiniest bit of red hair too, which I think would be TOTALLY unfair if she didn't so we shall see. my sister in law Allison was nice enough to buy me a baby carrier for when she comes and when she wrote me an e-mail to let me know she had ordered it she made a comment about having a little red headed niece. Then she said, "I think I will still love her if she doesn't have red hair!" HAHA I thought that was so funny because that's kind of how Cody and I are feeling. Of course we will freaking love her even if she came out with no arms and half a face! But it's funny to think about her not having red hair, so we are crossing our fingers. I am sure my mom is crossing her fingers too. :D

I have been dying to write a blog about two other things....The first one happened to me like a month and a half ago and is still making me laugh. On the way to one of my doctors appointments it was a very pretty day. It's hard to not let my eyes wander because it is a pretty drive through farm lands. Lots of horses and cows and pretty green grass with lots of trees. I actually enjoy the drive even though it takes 45 minutes. Any ways. On this particular day I was letting my eyes wander a little too much and we came upon a farm with lots of cows. For those of you who are not used to seeing farms most of them have feeders for the cows that are round so the cows can stand all the way around it and eat. There were a ton of cows ALL the way around the feeder with no room for any one else basically. Then there was one cow all by himself about 30 feet away. What made this SOOOOOOOOOOO funny was that the cows at the feeder were ALL brown and black and the cow 30 feet away was as white as can be! I laughed so hard and wanted so badly to pull over and take a picture. How awesome would that picture have been but I didn't have my good camera with me and I was running late for my appointment. Needless to say every time I drive past that farm now I check it see if they are re-enacting it for me but so far no such luck!

The second thing I have been meaning to write about for like 2 months now is one of the reason I LOVE Texas. Usually I am ragging on Texas and making the people here seem so weird but I have something that I think is wonderful about this state. Actually it's not just a Texas thing, but more a Southern thing but regardless, I LOVE IT! I was driving to the air port in December to pick up Cody. It was about 6 in the evening and I was driving the speed limit. I pretty much always drive the speed limit to the point where it is annoying. If it is 60mph I set my cruise at 61 mph HAHA Any ways. I come around a corner and about 5 cars in a row on the other side of the row each flash their brights at me. Okay so in California where I am from they probably would have been shot! :) HERE, we wave thank you because what they are doing is warning you that there is a cop ahead. Sure enough I come up the hill and there was a cop hiding very well off to my right. I was going the speed limit to begin with so I didn't have to worry about it but there were quite a few people a head of me that needed to slow down. I LOVE THAT ABOUT TEXAS DRIVERS! Another reason I love this is because they will also warn you if there is an animal in the road. One time Cody was driving to work in the morning and he was going about 50 which is the speed limit on the army base. Someone flashed him and Cody being caution thought he better slow down even though he was already doing the speed limit. There are lots of animals on Fort Hood so he wanted to be safe. Sure enough he came around a blind corner going about 35 and had to hit his breaks. There was a 400 lb long horn cow just hanging out in the middle of the road. If Cody had been going any faster he would have hit it and with how big it was he probably would not have survived! So, if you are ever driving through Texas and someone flashes you, don't get mad! They are warning you something is ahead and you better slow your butt down!

I hate posting blogs with no pictures so here is a picture I took on Wednesday of Tyler and Julia playing together. I thought this was so cute!

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