Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to Get Your Lunch for Free

OKay so we wentout with Stacie and Madison this weekend. We went to Walmart in Waco because I wanted to buy a car seat for Kayla and we saw one on line we liked there. Well they ended up not having it in the store so that sucked but I of course found several other things I needed to buy like a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt for Tyler and a dress for Kayla! Then we decided we needed to get some lunch. We are big Chili's fans so we decided to go there. I love getting their soup and salad lunch special and TYler has finally decided he likes Mac and cheese again so I knew he would maybe eat some there. So we go and order. After eating my soup and half of my salad Madison informs us she has to go potty so Stacie takes her. While they are gone the waiter asks if I want more soup....Um yeah! I am pregnant. So they come back from the bathroom and Stacie starts eating her salad and then stops and gets this look on her face and then pushes her food away.
"Whats wrong Stacie"
She can barely talk to me......actually it takes her about 2 minutes to tell me that THERE'S A BUG IN HER SALAD! She shows me and yeah tere was so kind of bug in her salad staring up at us! The waiter comes over and I tell him. You could tell he was so embarrassed. So he gets the manager and he COMPS our food. All of it....we didn't have to pay for the kids meals or anything. Although we were very excited about not having to pay was it worth it? Um....probably not and Cody says we are never eating at that Chili's again! haha This is not our first bug experience either. TWICE at the same CiCi's in Killeen I had a cockroach actually crawl across my plate! We do NOT eat at that one any more either.


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Ha! That's awesome. I once had a moth in my salad at some trendy place in Salt Lake, and they only comped my entree.