Monday, January 5, 2009

Good News

Cody was supposed to leave today to go to Washington. It is rainy and very cold so I guess there is ice in the planes so they canceled the flights going out today! He doesn't have to leave until VERY early tomorrow morning now but we get a couple more hours with him! YEAH! Also, someone asked me what happened to Tyler's arm. If you looked at my last post he has something on his arm in the playground pictures. Don't worry, it's just a Cars Tattoo he got from his cousin for Christmas! haha no injuries. I hope everyone has a great day. I think I still have a little updating to do but at this point I might just say screw it.

Today I am feeling kind of crumby. I hate that because it makes me paranoid about the pregnancy. Not that anything is wrong but it makes me worry about going into labor to early. I am 35 weeks along which is pretty good but I hope I can make it 3 more weeks because that is when Cody gets home. Tomorrow is the 6th which means my due date is exactly one month from tomorrow. Yikes...

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