Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

YEAH! Daddy came home! We had so much fun going to get him at the air port. Every time he leaves and then comes back lately it seems Tyler gets more and more attached to him and more and more excited to see him again! He let daddy hold him and hug him for a couple of minutes at the air port which if you know Tyler, only mommy is allowed to carry him ( which doesn't happen these days ). Any ways. We got to the air port just in time to see him plane taxi in. So we watched and I got to take pictures of Tyler watching daddy's plane. Then we got his bags and headed to dinner which unfortunately wasn't very good. BOOOOOO. I was feeling really gross too...I was honestly started to think maybe labor was starting and I thought to myself, "Well, we did tell her she had to wait until Daddy came home but I didn't expect it to be THAT quick!" haha But I was fine after we got home and went to bed.

Any ways. I was making fun of Cody all week because he was freezing his butt off in Washington and it had been so nice all week here in Texas. We got him at 5 in the evening and the air port said it was 77 degrees out! He was so excited. So we woke up the next morning and it was about 30 degrees out side. haha I told him it was his fault, he brought the cold with him. :) We had some plumbing problems which honestly, why do these things surprise me any more. We went to Walmart to get some liquid plumber stuff and because our plug was so strong we got the STRONG stuff. Yeah, the clog was so bad that even the strong stuff didn't work! It just backed a bunch of crap into our bath tub ( which is where the problem was ) and it smelled HORRIBLE! Like a mixture between old sewer and really strong chemicals. So we left the house to mail my sister a package and then to get some lunch. We got home and the smell was twice as bad. Cody called some plumbers and about an hour later I had to pee but Cody did NOT want me going into the bathroom. I went to my in laws with Tyler to go there and we hung out for about an hour or so. Then we came home and I put tyler down for a nap on my bed. We couldn't put him down on his bed because the crawl space to get underneath the house is in his closet and we had found a plumber to come out and fix stuff for us. SOOOOO while Tyler and I tried to nap, Cody was awesome and did the dishes and cleaned up a bunch of Tyler's toys. It was so nice. Once I got up the plumber was here and I had to pee BAD ( I mean I am 9 months pregnant ) and so I went to Kurt and Stacie's again. When I got home the plumber had finished and Tyler woke up from his nap. We decided to try and get the smell out of the house and leave to go get dinner. We plugged in a air freshener thing Stacie brought for us and then went to get pizza. It was yummy. Then we took Tyler to the dollar store and bought a couple of things. I found a CUTE pair of cheetah PJ's for Kayla for when she is older. :D we got home and the smell was still there but we could smell the air freshener over it a little. By the time we went to bed it was better but still strong. When I got up in the morning it was almost all the way gone. We plugged the air freshener back in when we left for church and by the time we got home it smelled fine. Thank goodness. Church was good and Cody has been so awesome about helping me out and getting things for Tyler so I don't have to get up and down off the couch every 10 minutes like I normally have to do. Any ways. Last night I had Cody take some pictures of my belly for me. Katrina and I were going to do some of these and ran out of time so I told Cody what I wanted and had him do them. When I say it's my belly, I mean it;s my bare belly so if you don't want to see that....I guess don't look! haha

Thursday is hopefully the big day. I am feeling okay still and having Cody home has helped SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. We were nervous about poor Tyler and what we were going to do with him on Thursday so we decided to ask Cody's dad if we could fly him out for a couple of days. He is so wonderful to do that for us. He flies in at midnight on Tuesday and then will have Wednesday to get familiar with Tyler again and then Thursday is the big day. He will fly home on Sunday so we are very excited. Then Cody's parents are going to be back in Texas for a teachers thing Cody's mom has around the 14th of February. Then we are going to fly my parents out in March. They are all very excited and everyone is making bets on whether or not she will have red hair. We hope she does. Okay I am done babbling for now. This post was kind of boring but I just wanted to get all of that out of the way.


Allison said...

I am so glad things are going the way that you planned. I was feeling so worried and bad for you after you found out Cody had to be gone. Yay on getting Gene to come out. I never would think to ask him, yet he's a perfect man for the job. He is such a great grandfather! I like the pictures too. Good Luck and we'll be praying everything goes well.

kailiaelf said...

Cute pictures!