Friday, January 2, 2009

This last weekend

Friday I can't remember what we did. Oh wait, it's all coming back to me. Tyler and I were cleaning most of the day. We were hoping Cody was gonna get off of work at early and then we were gonna drive out and meet him and go shopping. He ended up not getting off early enough for that to happen. So around 4, Tyler and I went to walmart to get a couple groceries for the weekend. We were having company over. Another one of Cody's brother's and his family were coming to visit. We were excited! Tyler had met Kade and Emily about 2 months ago in Utah but he hadn't met their daughter who was the same age as him. He did so good with his other cousins the weekend before, so I was happy for him to have another one to play with ( and someone to jump on the trampoline with him ) After we got back from Walmart, we jumped on the trampoline until Daddy got home. Then I went in the house and got us all ready to go to dinner while daddy jumped Tyler on the trampoline too! Then we went to El Tapatio. It was really good. The rest of the evening we just hung out. Tyler was very tired because he didn't get a nap. I didn't put him down because I thought we were gonna be going to meet Cody. That ended up being a BIG mistake. The next day was our anniversary. So before the family all came into town, we decided to go to Waco and do some furniture shopping. We also got lunch. By the time we were done doing all of that it was kind of late and Tyler was a cranky butt! Oh I forgot to mention that when we first got there it was raining and super windy! I think the weather scared most people because there was hardly anyone out and about. We got Tyler home and tried to get him to lay down but right as I was saying good night to him Kade and then got here. After that he didn't want to sleep but I wasn't about to put up with him being a cranky butt the rest of the day. I grabbed him and took him to my room and made him lay down. He threw a huge fit and screamed for like 20 minutes. Eventually he fell asleep but after about 20 or 30 minutes he woke up. I was so mad. So we got up and the family and Cody were at lunch but they got home soon after. I felt bad because Cody's other brother Lee ( who just moved to San Antonio in June ) came too! If I would have known that, I think I would have just kept cranky butt aka TYLER up. They came in the house for about 10 minutes and then left. So I on;y got to see them for a very short time. Good news is they live in the same state as us now and hopefully we can go visit them after the baby is born.

Okay, this is boring so far. Sorry. I try to make these interesting but when I get behind, sometimes I am just trying to get it "done". After Lee and his family left, Cody and Kade took Madison, Tyler and Maryn our on the trampoline. They had tons of fun. Here are a couple of pictures.

This is KADE and I LOVE it because it looks like he is torturing the kids by knocking them down! haha I LOVE trampolines. Adluts get to knock kids down and it's ok! :D

This one is cute because you can see how bad Maryn's hair was sticking up! All that electricity gets bad ont he trampoline and her hair was going crazy!

This last one is just a good one of all 3 kids. I on;y took about 5 pictures of them playing.

After the trampoline we just kind of hung out for a while. Here is a picture of Madison and Tyler sharing the arm chiar and the DVD player

We ordered pizza and pigged out. Then Kurt and Stacie went home and the kids had baths and went to sleep. Then Kade, Emily, Cody and I talked for a while and then went to bed around 11 or 12. Oh and I snuck to walmart while the kids were bouncing and bought Cody an anniversary card! heehee Cody bought me a necklace and it is so pretty! He gave it to me early though. He can't stand to keep secrets from me. The Sunday before I was getting ready for church and I said, "I should put my necklace on" I got it out and it was all tangled. I was trying to get it untangled and Cody said, "Don't worry about it, I have a new one for you" and went and got it. He's so cute! I'll post a picture of that later. I don't have a picture of it on my lap top yet.

The next day we went to part of church and then came home and had lunch and kind of sat around watching movies and stuff. NO naps again which was really hard at some times and not a big deal at other times. Cody was such a good daddy and played blocks with Maryn and Tyler for a couple of hours in Tyler's bed room. I was busy cooking and stuff in the kitchen.

Uncle Cody likes to tickle! So watch out. Maryn was getting her belly blown on here!

Here they are playing blocks. They would build big towers and then knock them down!

Cody and Kade took Maryn and Tyler out side to play on the trampoline again while I started dinner. We were having tacos and they were really good. While getting ready to come in fro out side Tyler decided he wasn't ready yet and threw a big fit! Daddy took away him trampoline jumping for a couple of days. :) It took him a while to calm down but after that he was okay again. We had dinner and Kurt, Stacie and Madison came over too. Then we just had another lazy day. I think it was nice. Hopefully Kade and them all had a good time. The next morning they got up and got ready for a long day of driving. I took some pictures of their kids while they were running around. They had a second baby back in June ( I think ) He name is Ailey and she is so smiley!

We look forward to getting to see them again. Tyler really liked his Uncle Kade so maybe we can go visit them one of these days. I have a bunch more updating to do but I need to go do a few things. We are meeting Sarah and Julia for a playdate today so I need to make sure I am ready to go! Hopefully I will get more updated later though because I have lot's more to say and lot's more pictures to post! :D

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