Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crazy Kayla

Kayla is my girl!  I freaking love her.  I took this picture of her last night drinking her baba before bed time on Daddy ( her favorite spot to drink her baba before bed! )

Makes me laugh every time!  She is soooooooooooo much like her Aunt Kimmie it's SCARY!  haha

Good Day

We had a good day yesterday.  The day before was awful.  Glad yesterday was better.  It was better partly because I TRIED more.  I knew I did NOT want to yell and be impatient again.  I am sure the kids didn't either.  We got dressed and went to the play ground.  We for SURE need to be getting way more vitamin D.  Studies show that depression is HIGH in areas like NOrthern Utah where they don't see the sun for too many days in a row.  Ours bodies NEED vitamin D to survive and thrive.  The last couple of days we have gotten a little here and there and I truly think it makes all the difference.

OKay enough rambling.  Here are some pictures from the play ground trip.  Tyler decided to be my little model.  WHich is odd.  Usually he is too busy to stop and pose but this particular day he decided to play along.  So glad he did.

I got a couple of Miss Kayla as well.  Don't let the cute face fool you.  She is s STINKER!  BUt she is a CUTE stinker and believe me it helps a LOT!  haha

I had one or two of them together but apparently I didn't save those ones yet!  haha Oh well.

You know I have been thinking about how I used to update our blog daily and sometimes more then once a day!  Now it's once MAYBE twice a week.  The culprit?  Well other then the fact that I have two kids now instead of one, we moved and have no lives!  haha  Seriously though.  If I was still posting once or sometimes even twice a day I have NO IDEA what I would be blogging about!  SERIOUSLY. Maybe showing you pictures about the mess Kayla made.  She is a tornado or destruction!  She can NOT stand to have the floor showing.  Yesterday I was brushing my teeth in our bathroom so I was in there for 3 minutes TOPS and she brought me a bag of fake coins, opened them up, threw them all over my bathroom floor and then left.  Grrrrrrrr

OKay I need to go for now but I will update when we ACTUALLY have stuff to update about.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Kayla has such pretty hair.  She goes back and forth between liking to wear things in her hair to pulling them out two seconds after I put them in.  For some reason this last week or so she has been bringing me her bag of hair things, other wise known as "pretties".    One day last week she brought me Boots and Dora and said, "Pretties momma."  She then handed me her bag of pretties and said, "PEEEEEASE"  Those are the magic words.  So mommy did what ANY mommy would do and put pretties in everyone's hair.

Later that day she brought me ALL of the things she put on her bed to sleep with.  Kayla, Boots, Dora, Bolt, Buzz and all 4 snuggies.  YUP!  She sleeps with a lot of things.  :)

Last week while Tyler and I were sick her and daddy were trying to entertain themselves.  Kayla got out all of her pretties and her and daddy had some fun!  Kayla even got daddy to wear one.

He pretended to cry when I took the picture but I think it just made it that much more funny!  haha  Here is Kayla with a BUNCH of them in her hair

And here is Kayla and Daddy together

Very pretty!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Grandma and Grandmapapa

That is what Kayla calls me mom and dad.  Grandma and grandmapapa.  heehee  It's cute.  I meant to post this a while ago but you know how it goes.  Honestly I thought I HAD posted them already.  Kayla has discovered stickers!  The night my parents came she was playing with them and found some new places to put on.

SOrry the pictures are blurry.  I am still struggling with a setting on my camera for inside of the house after dark.  I guess I need to give it up and just use my flash but I am being stubborn.

Tyler also found a place to put stickers on grandma.  On her boobs RIGHT where you think he put them is exactly where he did.  I will spare you those pictures for my moms sake!  haha

It was fun having my parents here.  They were here for the night and then half way through the next day.  Then we went to Vegas to pick up my sister and her baby Jacob.  My parents had to go visit my grandma for her birthday.  I got lost in Vegas for EVER trying to find Hooters ( where I was meeting my sister and her husband for dinner ) Then we brought them back home.  The next day we ate at Tommy's MMMMMMMM and my parents came that night and watched the kids with Kim so Cody and I could go out on a date.  This was the day after Valentines day.  That night we were all up late ( except the kids and Cody. )  I was working on a onesie for my nephew to take home with him and a couple of other things too.  My sister went to bed with her baby and they were staying in Kayla's room.  Kayla was in Tyler's room with him.  At around midnight I was getting ready to crawl into bed and I hear Kayla start to throw up.  AWESOME.

I run into TYler's room and she just keeps throwing up and throwing up.  I drug her into the hallway and she threw up some more.  My mom came over and was trying to help.  Kayla's clean clothes were of course in her room where the baby was sleeping but I remembered I had washed some clothes earlier that day and hadn't put them away yet.  SO we got her dressed and she was already half asleep again.  I laid her down on the couch and told my dad I needed to go to the bathroom and to watch her for a minute.  Well she heard Papa's voice and opened her eyes back up.  By the time I was done in the bathroom she was wide awake again and it was 3 before I got to go to bed that night.  My mom, dad and Kayla were all on the couch and I slept on the floor.  It was so miserable.  I got about 4 hours of sleep and it wasn't even good sleep because the floor hurt my back so bad.  Cody woke up at 6 to go to work and was probably wondering what in the heck was going on.  haha

It was fun having everyone visit.  Check out my cute little nephew Jacob

he's a super good baby!  Can't wait to get to see him again.  Whenever that may be.

Right now Tyler and I are sick. It's been awful but lucky for me it was during Cody's four day weekend. Which was both annoying because it feels like we wasted his four day BUT at the same time, I REALLY needed him here a couple of those days because I was passed out on the couch.  Yesterday we went to the urgent care instead of going to stake conference ( Cody said stake conference is a free day any ways  hee hee )  Tyler got some antibiotics and some cough syrup and mommy got a Z far I am still feeling pretty crapy.  Stuff better kick in soon because Cody had to go back to work today.  I'm allllllll alone and the house is a MESS!  Oh JOY