Friday, March 11, 2011


Kayla has such pretty hair.  She goes back and forth between liking to wear things in her hair to pulling them out two seconds after I put them in.  For some reason this last week or so she has been bringing me her bag of hair things, other wise known as "pretties".    One day last week she brought me Boots and Dora and said, "Pretties momma."  She then handed me her bag of pretties and said, "PEEEEEASE"  Those are the magic words.  So mommy did what ANY mommy would do and put pretties in everyone's hair.

Later that day she brought me ALL of the things she put on her bed to sleep with.  Kayla, Boots, Dora, Bolt, Buzz and all 4 snuggies.  YUP!  She sleeps with a lot of things.  :)

Last week while Tyler and I were sick her and daddy were trying to entertain themselves.  Kayla got out all of her pretties and her and daddy had some fun!  Kayla even got daddy to wear one.

He pretended to cry when I took the picture but I think it just made it that much more funny!  haha  Here is Kayla with a BUNCH of them in her hair

And here is Kayla and Daddy together

Very pretty!

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