Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Day

We had a good day yesterday.  The day before was awful.  Glad yesterday was better.  It was better partly because I TRIED more.  I knew I did NOT want to yell and be impatient again.  I am sure the kids didn't either.  We got dressed and went to the play ground.  We for SURE need to be getting way more vitamin D.  Studies show that depression is HIGH in areas like NOrthern Utah where they don't see the sun for too many days in a row.  Ours bodies NEED vitamin D to survive and thrive.  The last couple of days we have gotten a little here and there and I truly think it makes all the difference.

OKay enough rambling.  Here are some pictures from the play ground trip.  Tyler decided to be my little model.  WHich is odd.  Usually he is too busy to stop and pose but this particular day he decided to play along.  So glad he did.

I got a couple of Miss Kayla as well.  Don't let the cute face fool you.  She is s STINKER!  BUt she is a CUTE stinker and believe me it helps a LOT!  haha

I had one or two of them together but apparently I didn't save those ones yet!  haha Oh well.

You know I have been thinking about how I used to update our blog daily and sometimes more then once a day!  Now it's once MAYBE twice a week.  The culprit?  Well other then the fact that I have two kids now instead of one, we moved and have no lives!  haha  Seriously though.  If I was still posting once or sometimes even twice a day I have NO IDEA what I would be blogging about!  SERIOUSLY. Maybe showing you pictures about the mess Kayla made.  She is a tornado or destruction!  She can NOT stand to have the floor showing.  Yesterday I was brushing my teeth in our bathroom so I was in there for 3 minutes TOPS and she brought me a bag of fake coins, opened them up, threw them all over my bathroom floor and then left.  Grrrrrrrr

OKay I need to go for now but I will update when we ACTUALLY have stuff to update about.

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Cris said...

Your kids are so gorgeous Katie! I love the picture of Tyler on the bridge. :)