Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy Days of Summer

Here is how my kids entertain themselves while mom is cooking and cleaning.  By the way,  I did not strip their clothes off of them or put the helmets on.  Aren't they styling?!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Kids

Kayla does this thing where she pretends to be an animal.  She LOVES doing it.  So much so that when she pretends to be a kitty she will meow and then lick my arm.  NICE!  Whenever she pretends to be an animal she will make the noise of that animal and then one of us will say, "Oh look it's a baby kitty."  Then she will bark and we'll say, "Oh look it's a doggy!"  Then she'll change to a pig or horse or cow.  Ironically she ALWAYS asks mommy to be the cow.  Hmmmmmmm

Any ways.  She is so cute and clever.  We noticed a month ago that she started discovering new animals that DIDN'T make sound but she would want to be them.  SO she would get to something like a whale and didn't know what to do.  So she would say, "Whale, Whale."   My favorite ( and she does this one quite often ) is when she says, "Snail, Snail."  It's so cute because she says it with a Southern accent!  :)

And the he has been a GRUMPY old man lately.  Even when saying something to me where he should have no emotion in his voice he sounds angry.  It's so annoying.  But when he decides to be sweet he is SWEET!  Yesterday after finishing lunch and having peanut butter ALLLLL over his hands, he walked to the kitchen sink to wash them off.  On his way to the sink he stuck his booty out at me and said, "My can you pull the underwear out of my bum please."  So polite like.  I laughed and then politely declined.   Too bad for me since I laughed he knew he had said something funny so I am sure he will ask me again sometime soon just to get a laugh out of me.

Kayla has discovered Jalapeno Cheese Cheetohs.  NOPE it was not ME he gave them to her ( or buys them ).  I prefer the flaming hot ones but those are too hot for her liking.  I used to eat a bag of flaming hots with a 12 oz dr. pepper everyday for lunch in high school.  Sometimes I would throw in a cookie too.  NOw I eat lots of fruit and fiber and hardly ever have dr. pepper or flamming hots and weigh a million pounds more.  Go figure.


She has discovered them and LOVES them.  Her and daddy share them together.  Yesterday she brought them to me at lunch time and said, "Peeeeeeease momma, Peeeeease."  So I out some on a plate for her and then cooked her a hot dog.  I put ketchup on the plate so she could dip her hot dog in it and she felt in necessary to dip the cheetohs in the ketchup instead.  She LOVED it actually!  YIKES.

Tyler gave his first talk in Primary on Sunday.  Mommy had to give a lesson at the same time so I didn't get to sneak in and here him.  He is usually so brave and ready and willing to talk in front of people so I wasn't worried.  We typed it up for him and made him read it to us several times.  One word kept tripping him up but otherwise he would do great.  After church we asked him how it went.  He said, "Well, I skipped a little bit."  Hmmmmmm.  So when we got home I had him show me what part he "skipped".  Apparently half way through the talk he got nervous and decided to just say, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  haha  That kid cracks me up.  He said, "Mom, I got a little nervous."  Maybe he won't be asked to give a talk again!  haha

I figured this would be a nice break from the Disneyland pictures, although for day 3 we only have like 10 any ways.  SO the next post will probably be day three from there.  Until then...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disneyland Day Two

The day started off at the hotel.   I had to wake the kids up at 8 because they were still KNOCKED out and they stop serving breakfast at 9.  So we ran downstairs and got some breakfast.  Kayla kept telling us that we were going to Disneyland.  Except when she said it she made it about 4 syllables long.  Because some how in the passed two weeks she has picked up a Southern accent when she says certain words.  It's so funny and really freaking cute!  So Disney= two syllables Land+two syllables  

Here are the kids waiting for the elevator.  

Tyler walking with Kevin in the parking garage.

Waiting for the tram.  

I swear she was WAY more excited this time! 

More waiting and having fun!

I love this picture because she was so excited to be on the tram that she sat up on her feet and turned around to watch everything.  

We started off the day this time in California Adventure.  WAY more fun for the kids here.  We saw Minnie Mouse.  Apparently she is a pilot.  Cody wanted to see her pilots license but we didn't ask her.

Then we went to Monstropulous ( no clue if that is spelled right! )  We got to see Sulley!  Just in time too because he had to rush to be in a show that we watched! 

The whole gang took a picture with him.  Notice the extra person?  That's another one of Mommy's fun friends.  Her name is Stacy.  She has a pass and comes to Disneyland regularly and so we thought she'd be a good person to have come with us.  In fact, when Mommy called to tell her we were coming and wanted to see if she could come too her reply was, "Oh I'm off that day and I think I was planning on going by myself anyways!"  Perfect!

Next Daddy and Kevin snuck off too ride a big kid ride while the girls took the kids to a Bug's Life world.  LOTS of kids rides there.  We spent a good amount of time here.  Our first ride was kinda like the teacups but you didn't spin it yourself.  It kinda did it on it's own.  Oh also we were in lady bugs!

Next was a train ride and we also did some bumper cars!

Then we got in line to ride something that went in the air.  It looked fun until we got up close and TYler didn't like how high up it went.  He chickened out and him and mommy left the line.  Kayla wanted to stay and ride it so Daddy stayed with her.  It was funny because Kayla was so small you couldn't see her so it just looked like Cody was a pathetic guy who wanted to ride kid rides by himself!  haha  Love you Honey

Next we got some lunch!  Kayla liked her nacho cheese sauce a little too much!

We also saw Mr. Incredible walking around

After this Kevin and I snuck off to do a big kid ride together.  We did California Scream.  That was fun and since it had scream in the title we decided that SCREAM was what we would do.  IN fact, we had a contest to see who could scream louder.  If you ask Kevin he won.  If you want my opinion, Kevin was too busy hyperventilating to here me scream and when I screamed I was MUCH louder then him!

The guy behind us looks THRILLED he got to ride with us doesn't he?!

At this point we headed to Disneyland to hit a few things and then head back to California Adventure for there water color show.  

Daddy and Kevin took off for a ride again and Stacy and Mommy took the kids to do some kid things.  We saw Mickey Mouse

Check it out kids!  EVen Mickey Mouse recycles!!!

Then we saw Pluto

Then we played at Donald's house

Next Mommy and Kevin got choosen to make the LONG voyage back to the car to get everyone pants and sweaters.  We were SOOOOO tired at this point that our whole bodies hurt.  It was awesome.  Here we are on the tram

And here we are "resting" on the escalators.  We were the ONLY ones on here and so Kevin sat down.  Then I sat down and then we both sighed.  Then at the bottom of the escalators there walked up an old man who looked up, saw two grown ups totally exhausted sitting on the escalators and laughed his booty off at us.  NICE

Here we are about to go back to California Adventure but FIRST on the way back inside of the park, Kevin and I got the grown ups Pretzels in Down Town Disney and they were amazing!  They were pepperoni, cheese and jalapeno!  MMMMMM  

Oh yes, before we went into Disneyland we rented strollers.  I am telling you my whole body hurt from carrying Kayla on my shoulders or with my arms.  Tyler was exhausted too so we got two of them.  Tyler BARELY fit!  While walking around Kayla decided to give herself a tattoo with her new MInnie MOuse Pen we got her.  NICE

Also, in my family we have this thing that happens to us when we get SUPER excited.  We get delirious!   Like totally out of control laughing for no reason until you cry or pee yourself.  Kayla had this happen to her about now.  She was laughing hysterically at Kevin making faces while stuffing her face with cheese popcorn. It was a lovely combination! 

And now we were off to WAIT for the water show.  We waited for ever.  We had to be there about an hour and a half or so early to get good seats.  Kevin swore up and down that where we were going to stand was the best spot and despite what the people at Disneyland were telling us we would NOT get wet....just misty.   

We got soaked and Kayla did not like it.  I had brought an extra shirt for Cody that was long sleeved and he decided not to wear it.  She started freaking out about the water so we wrapped it around her. I would have taken a picture because it was so cute but it was dark and I didn't want my camera to get WET! :) 

Anyways.  While we waited I took some artsy pictures.  

The cotton candy we bought Tyler had a flashing light in the stick.  It was a hit with him and Kayla!

Here is a picture from the water show.  Tyler pretty much LOVED it!  I took a video clip of him dancing during it.  One of these days maybe I'll even put it on here ( not likely though )  haha

On the way home from Disneyland we got some McDonald's,  We were all starving.  Kayla had fallen asleep but mommy figured when we got back to the hotel and got her out of her car seat she would wake up and want to eat.  NO SUCH LUCK.  She was out cold.  We layed her down on the pull out couch in her clothes.  I took her shoes and socks off and she didn't wake up until morning when at 8 AM I woke the kids up again so we could get breakfast.  Did I mention it was midnight again when we turned the lights off at the hotel.  YIKES. 

She was in this exact same position when I woke her up!  Well that concludes day two.  The next was sure to be fun since they were opening up some new rides and it was a Friday.  Oh the joy I felt when thinking of how tired and sore I was and how many people we would have to fight through.  Oh goody!