Friday, June 10, 2011

Day One Disneyland

I am going to do our Disneyland post as Day One, Day Two and Day Three.  This will make it easier.  I have a MILLION pictures so these post will be long.  Hopefully when I am done with these I can finish up with our last Utah trip.

Disneyland Day One

Tyler didn't know we were going to Disneyland.  He knew we were going to a hotel and that we were going to have FUN!  We didn't get there until late the first day. Cody had to work and then we checked into the hotel and mommy realized I forgot to pack jeans for Tyler.  It was cold in the evenings so pants were a MUST.  We found a Walmart and had dinner and bought some pants.  My kid is 5 years old and I bought him a size 8.  They were too small but lucky for me he suffered through it.  We met my friend Kevin at Disneyland.  He took this picture of us waiting to go on the tram.

I love how it is clear by looking at this picture that Tyler is beside him self.  Kayla, on the other hand, still has no clue whats going on.  haha

Group shot of us on the tram ( as you will notice Kevin has his phone in his hand already posting the picture he took on facebook.  I think he was on facebook ALLL night and ALL the next day posting pictures as he took them! )

Kayla looks THRILLED to be at Disneyland for the first time doesn't she?!  Yup, she was STILL trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  So we decided first things first.  It's a Small World.  While in line we noticed how gross this horses butt looked as a bush!

Not the best picture of me OR my three chins....moving on

Here's Tyler and Kevin

Daddy and Kayla ( starting to get it a little now )

I thought maybe I'd put myself in a few pictures.  This next picture of Kayla is not the best but I love the look of wonder on her face.

Here is Kayla and Daddy buying cheese pop corn and Mickey MOuse shaped suckers. NOW we're talking.

And here's a picture Kevin took with his cell phone of Kayla enjoying her suckers.  I LOVE this picture of her.

Now she was having a blast!  Also notice the cute purse sitting on my lap.  :)

Next we went to go check out Fantasmic...that freaked Tyler out so we left JUST in time to get a perfect spot for fire works!  Tyler was on Cody's back and Kayla was on my shoulders.  Holy cow does 30 pounds get heavy QUICK!  I did manage to get a million pictures of the fire works.

On the way out of Disneyland we bought some Mickey Hats.  Tyler wanted to find the PERFECT one so I was a little surprised he settled on the R2D2 one.  He got mad when we called it that though and said it was a ROBOT hat!  Silly us.  Then we ran into Goofy

And then Donald

In which Donald proceeded to steal Kayla's Minnie ears and she just kinda stared at him.  HAHA

Kevin with the gang in the parking garage.  What a fun first day and we were only there about 4 hours, rode one ride, saw some fireworks and got us some Mickey and Minnie ears.  We didn't get the kids to bed until midnight ( which I wanted to get them to bed by 10:30 or so silly momma ).  Oh and one picture I forgot from Day One was taken with Kevin's cell phone in the parking garage before we even got to the park.

Clever if I do so say myself.  Maybe when we move back to Texas I can get me an IIIIILOVEIT License plate!  And this was day one...NEXT will be day two and if you thought this post had a lot fo pictures, JUST WAIT! 

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