Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Memorial Day

We had a great memorial day!  It was nice and relaxing.  I had it in my head that I NEEDED to make me a new purse for our Disneyland trip.  THEN, I realized I was out of interfacing.  BOOOOOO  Well, Joann's has a great sale on Memorial day ( or pretty much any holiday for that matter ) and I begged Cody to take me.  Cody needed to be back early enough to start smoking!  Yup, you heard me right.  Cody was going to smoke for the very first time.  His meat of choice was some brisket.  He was VERY excited.  We got up early, dressed us and the kids and headed out the door.  Cody dropped me off at JoAnn's at around 9:05.  It opened at 9 so I was worried because it was a sale it would be packed!  No such thing.  In fact, it was the least amount of people I had ever seen there.

While I shopped around, Cody took the kids to Target.  We have been tired of the whining and begging for toys that goes on in our house every time Tyler see's something on TV he wants ( which is everything! )  We finally told him that he needed to earn some money and buy a toy by himself.  Daddy made a deal with him that if he helped daddy take out the recycling every night ( into the garage and where it properly goes ) and then help him take it down to the recycling center once or twice a month, he could have HALF of the money.  Tyler scored because we hadn't taken the recycling in 2 months so they went and got 44 dollars!  Tyler got to have half.  He was VERY anxious to get to target and buy a power rangers toy!  While they were there Cody let Kayla pick something out.  She picked out a Dora fishing game.  But instead of fish it was pink, purple and white heart shaped diamonds.  Thanks Dora.  It was on sale and let me tell you it was on and running pretty much ALLLLL day.  Here are some pictures of her playing her new game

She was lining them all up by color!  She LOVES her game.

This is what mommy got at JoAnns.

I got 5 patterns, two things of elastic, a bow, a bunch of really pretty, sparkly buttons for my etsy shop, some fat quarters, some interfacing and a thing of parchment paper.  My receipt said I spent 29 something and saved 96 bucks!  Yeah, I scored too!  mostly because the patterns were 5 for 5 and normally they were 15 or 16 bucks a piece.  Also the buttons I bought were 50 percent off and some of them were ten bucks.  Yikes!

On to Cody...

Overall the meat was super yummy!  We were both happy with the results.  Overall we all had a great day!  The kids and I jumped on the trampoline and then they had popsicles.

It was a nice, relaxing day.  Thank you for those who serve our country.  Our know many who do so and I thank you for helping to keep safe and free!

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