Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have a bunch of random pictures I want to post. The first is a picture of how my crazy girl likes to sleep. I lay her down on her back and she rolls onto her side. She then shoves her thumb into her mouth and then grabs her blanket and pulls it over her face! EVERY TIME.

I also took a some pictures of her with some cute socks on. I thought they were all really cute.

Tyler had some cup cakes that Aunt Stacie bought him.

Also, Tyler has been starting to draw stick figures. I am so excited about it. Is that dumb? It makes me giddy, so I took some pictures...

Here are some more random Ty pictures

This is supposed to be his potty chart...it turned into a sticker chart! haha Oh well...we actually had a successful potty day Sunday. It was AWESOME haha I never thought I would be SO excited about poop!

My boy LOVES his DVD's

He has been VERY into Tattoo's too

Here are more randoms...This is what happens when you don't blog for a couple of days...

I was REALLY hoping Tyler would nap Saturday. I went in to check on him and he had NOT napped and had pooped. I went to take his shorts off to change him and there was poop every where. Grrrrrrr. So I put him in the bath tub and was feeling mighty grumpy. I threw his sheets and blankets into the washer and then came back into the bathroom to find this! It made me laugh. He's so silly these days.

Tyler was painting before our unsuccessful nap time and Kayla and I were just sitting and watching him

My naked drooling girl playing with a maraca!

Ty playing with some flowers I bought to use for hair clips ( YUP, still buying stuff for hair clips )

This is a dress my friend Debbie bought her. I love the matching socks

And here are our painting pictures. Some are kind of artsy. It was funny because I was trying to get Tyler NOT to mix the paints all up. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that was IMPOSSIBLE! So I just let him go to town and eventually he started using his fingers. At one point he forgot he had paint on his hands and put his fingers in his mouth. YUCK! I ran him to the bathroom and wash his mouth with a wash cloth and then brushed his teeth.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Golf Clubs

Cody, right before he entered the hospital, bought some golf clubs on the internet. He was so excited about it. He asks me if it was okay if he bought some and I told him I had absolutely no problem with him buying golf clubs, as long as he used them! They came in the mail the other day and he asked me to look them over and make sure they were okay. Tyler saw me cut the tape on the box and came running over. He wanted to know what was inside. He saw the first golf club and got so excited. He wanted to hold them so bad. He was jumping up and down. I finally let him hold one but I told him to be very careful because they are heavy. Tyler held it in his hand and smiled huge. Then he said, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOo They look expensive!" I just started laughing and then I said, "Tyler, I love you! Give me five!" We slapped hands. It was pretty darn funny.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Need Your Advice PLEASE

I want to know your HONEST opinion and I know for the most part, everyone who reads this blog will do just that. I want to start adding a logo to my pictures so no one can copy them. I have been wanting to do it FOREVER but never took the time to figure it out and what not. I want to start my own photography web site and for that I REALLY needed to have that done. It's just TOO easy to steal people's stuff. Any ways...I have made a couple of really easy simple stuff that I wanted to at least START with until I can maybe have someone custom make one for me or something like that and I want to know which one y'all like the BEST. OR if there is something you like from one, but a font you like from the other, I want to know. SO, here are my examples and PLEASE leave comments. Even if you read this and don't ever leave comments please do. Help a sista out! ( PS Cody is doing good and if he is going to die, it will only be from Boredom! I talked to him for like 40 minutes today which was WONDERFUL! )

What do YOU use?

I found glue that I LOVE using on the bows and clips I have been making. Problem is, it SMELLS really bad and the clips seem to smell for ever after. The glue I use is that E600. Does any one know of something else that works good that doesn't stink so bad? I made a new hair clip last night with the skull ribbon I ordered and I swear when I went to bed last night I was high on the fumes. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Any ways. I found this picture I shrunk to put on here and then forgot. I had got my new camera on Friday and then was busy trying to clean and do some other things. Tyler was busy playing with the box my camera came in.

It wasn't a huge box and I was kind of surprised he managed to squeeze into it. This is kind of a mixed up blog but I have a bunch a random thoughts going through my head. I lost some more weight finally. I managed to start working out again at night after the kids are in bed and I managed to shrink my meals down even further. I am excited because I am able to get old jeans on. Unfortunately that is all I can do is get them on and zipped! haha They do not fit well enough to actually wear out yet but I am on the way there at least. AND I talked to Cody for a whole two minutes yesterday and he is doing well. Just going crazy with boredom. And get this, the first thing he asks are, "Are you okay?" He sounded really concerned and I didn't understand. Turns out when we talked the first time he thought I sounded really freaked out and so he had been worrying about me. Dudes laying in a hospital bed at least a week in a foreign country with no family and nothing to do and is worried about me. haha He's so sweet.

Well, we are off to the doctors office. Ty has a nasty cough so we're going to get him looked at. I am secretly planning on going to target too but we'll see if that happens or not. Depends on Tyler but he needs new shoes BAD! He got blisters the other day from wearing his old sandals!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogging Time

I decided to not work out tonight which means I have a moment to blog! YEAH We had a fun day yesterday hanging out in Austin with Johnny and Katrina. I didn't bring my camera ( don't faint, I know...) But Katrina brought hers and took pictures. I am going to see her next week and will get pictures and post them then. We went to a place called Austin Pizza N Fun. It was fun. Tyler had a blast. It was so HOT though and half of the stuff was out side, the FUN stuff was outside. The kids kept wanting to go on the Teacups in the HEAT. Glad neither of them threw up. Poor Katrina got HUGE blisters on her hands from trying to slow down the ride. They have all you can drink and eat at this place and there water was kind of gross so I think I drank my weight in Mountain Dew! Good thing I sweat probably twice as much as I drank! Any ways, if Cody hadn't of called to tell me he was admitted to the hospital it would have been a great day.

Now here are some pictures I took of my kids today.

I love how red Kayla's hair looks even though I was taking pictures inside the house. Here are some more pictures of Kayla I took before bed. I LOVE kids wearing all white. Makes them look so Angelic

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hospital Stay

Well, my poor dear husband is in the hospital! He got bit by something ( Dr. thinks it was a spider ) most likely while golfing on Saturday and it got infected. The Doctor said that the insect bite had infected the lymphnod veins causing Cellulitis. The Doctor also stated that he will make a full recovery, but he would have to remain hospitalized there for 7 to 10 days (the IV drip will continue this entire time). Doctor said that if professional treatment was not administered, then blood poisoning would have followed causing additional, more severe, medical condition.

Any ways, that was copy and pasted from an email I got forwarded to me from my brother in law Pete. Poor Cody, all alone in a German hospital for a week or so with no one there to be with him and will hardly even get to talk to me. BOOOOOOOO I will update y'all on this as soon as I can. I got to talk to him for a total of 2 minutes because he was using one of his co-workers cell phones. other then this depressing news we had a fabulous day that I will write about tomorrow. Good night

Monday, June 22, 2009


I finally made Kayla's tutu. I did not try it on her yet because her nap schedule has been off the last three days and she has been kind of cranky. I honestly think she is teething but where she has the bumps in her mouth disturbs me. If she gets teeth where her bumps are she will be getting her FANGS first! haha I think I will die if she gets those first.

Any ways, here are some pictures of her Tutu. It is WAY puffy I think just because she is so tiny around but we'll see. I want to make my niece Bardlie one and she is bigger so we shall see how her's turns out.

I have a question...I tied the tutu a certain way which looks different depending on what side you put on the outside. Which one do you think looks better?

While I was making it, I thought the knots looked better on the outside but then when it was done, I wasn't sure. I kind of liked the opposite.

Also I made this yesterday

It is a sticky note holder. I found the template and everything on a blog I found called http://peptogirl.blogspot.com/ Check it out. I LOVE some of the stuff she makes and then hate some of the other stuff she makes. It's a fun blog to go through though.

I am excited because I have finally decided to stop being lazy and start working out. I feel great and I am FINALLY losing some more weight. I was able to drop ten pounds easy just changing what I ate but then once my body got used to it, I couldn't get anything off. NOW, I am finally losing a little again. WOO HOO

WARNING ALL SPIDER HATERS....I took some pictures of an ugly/cool spider today on Tyler's little slide. skip the rest of this blog if you don't want to see pictures....I say this yet you have probably already seen the pictures just from scrolling down...my apologies.

Sometimes blogger really ticks me off. The spider is supposed to be the other way, but it WILL not let me post it going the right way. Oh well...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My name is Katie and I am addicted to craft blogs! Just thought I would announce that. My friend Sandra sent me a link on facebook the other day for an owl pacifier clip. It was really cute and I started looking at all the other things on this blog and fell in love with it. I have a couple of projects I want to do SO bad. There is just not enough hours in the day I have decided. Any ways. I just tried one of the crafts i wanted to do and it worked and only took about 5 minutes. Here's a link and since I am not smart enough to insert these the cool way you'll just have to copy and paste it. Sorry


It's a make your own cards out of napkins tutorial. All you do is get a napkin you like, peel it apart and then iron it onto card stock with some saran wrap. It's SO easy and so cool depending on the napkins you can find. I am so excited to find some cool napkins now and make some cute cards! Here is a picture of the one I did with the ONLY napkins we had at our house.

So go check it out and look all over this blog. It's got some awesome crafts and projects and fun free give aways. I have another tutorial of theirs I want to try really bad but it's gonna take more then five minutes so it will have to wait for another day.

I am dying for a sewing machine too! They had some good ones on sale at a fabric store I went to this weekend but Cody JUST bought me my camera which was expensive and he just bought him some golf clubs, which were also expensive. Hopefully soon though because I keep finding the cutest sewing projects that looks SO easy!


I got a new camera! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE The first day I had it I took some pictures of Tyler jumping 0on the trampoline. It was so fun. My new camera is basically the exact same camera I already had but it is just a newer version. It isn't even the newest version because they come out with new ones so much! There are several differences however, and so far I love all of them. For instance, on my old camera you HAD to look through the view finder. The screen didn't show you what you were looking at like most cameras. My new version does BUT it also gives me the option to use the view finder if you want to do that instead. It's as easy as the flip of a switch. Also my old camera's screen was fixed. This screen moves and I LOVE that. It tilts up and down. Cody was nice and also bought me something extra. I haven't opened it and attached it yet but he read the reviews on line and everyone loves it. It's called a verticle grip and basically it attaches to the side of your camera so that when you turn your camera side ways to take a picture vertically, it has a trigger on the side so you don't have to try and get your finger on your original trigger on top of the camera. It sounds cool and I am sure once I get used to it I will love it too. Okay here are some pictures

I love our back yard because we have a bunch of huge trees but at the same time, I hate our back yard because the trees drop all kinds of fun stuff all over the trampoline. Pretty much every time we go out there I take the broom with us and TRY and sweep it off. Have you ever tried sweeping a trampoline? Yeah, it sucks. Because we have the net around it I can't just sweep it off the sides. I have to try and make a pile and then use the dust pan. Almost impossible to do since every time you step, everything falls towards you and the sweeping causes so much static it's unbelievable. Any ways. Tyler always wants to "help" Here is a picture of on the trampoline with the broom. He said, "Look mom I'm a witch!" haha

And here are a couple pictures of Kayla I took last night.

My camera is 14 mega pixels or something like that and I have heard people say that much over 10 doesn't really seem to make much difference. WELL, I think I might have to disagree. So far, it seems as though my pictures are picking up more detail that normal. We'll see though. I've only taken a handful of pictures so far but so far, I'm loving it