Monday, June 22, 2009


I finally made Kayla's tutu. I did not try it on her yet because her nap schedule has been off the last three days and she has been kind of cranky. I honestly think she is teething but where she has the bumps in her mouth disturbs me. If she gets teeth where her bumps are she will be getting her FANGS first! haha I think I will die if she gets those first.

Any ways, here are some pictures of her Tutu. It is WAY puffy I think just because she is so tiny around but we'll see. I want to make my niece Bardlie one and she is bigger so we shall see how her's turns out.

I have a question...I tied the tutu a certain way which looks different depending on what side you put on the outside. Which one do you think looks better?

While I was making it, I thought the knots looked better on the outside but then when it was done, I wasn't sure. I kind of liked the opposite.

Also I made this yesterday

It is a sticky note holder. I found the template and everything on a blog I found called Check it out. I LOVE some of the stuff she makes and then hate some of the other stuff she makes. It's a fun blog to go through though.

I am excited because I have finally decided to stop being lazy and start working out. I feel great and I am FINALLY losing some more weight. I was able to drop ten pounds easy just changing what I ate but then once my body got used to it, I couldn't get anything off. NOW, I am finally losing a little again. WOO HOO

WARNING ALL SPIDER HATERS....I took some pictures of an ugly/cool spider today on Tyler's little slide. skip the rest of this blog if you don't want to see pictures....I say this yet you have probably already seen the pictures just from scrolling apologies.

Sometimes blogger really ticks me off. The spider is supposed to be the other way, but it WILL not let me post it going the right way. Oh well...

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Stacor said...

I like the knots both ways. Which way lays puffier? And the spider is evil simply because it's a spider and it's on a children's slide. They should all die.