Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lady bug

here is my lady bug I finished last night before I went to bed

It's WAAAAAAAAAAAAY to big for Kayla so I think we are going to give it to Tyler's girlfriend Julia and I'll make Kayla another one when she gets older. I think it is way cute though. It was really simple too it just took a while for all the various piece to be glued together.


Kade and Emily said...

Nice job on your bows!
I'm glad you found some ribbon. :)

S said...

I was reading the to the lady bug ribbon...Julia was on my lap...and I said, "WOW, Julia, look at how cute that hair bow is!!!" and thought, "I've got to ask her how to make that cause I LOVE IT!" ...then I read you're giving it to Julia. Thanks so much - you're so talented :)