Sunday, June 21, 2009


I got a new camera! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE The first day I had it I took some pictures of Tyler jumping 0on the trampoline. It was so fun. My new camera is basically the exact same camera I already had but it is just a newer version. It isn't even the newest version because they come out with new ones so much! There are several differences however, and so far I love all of them. For instance, on my old camera you HAD to look through the view finder. The screen didn't show you what you were looking at like most cameras. My new version does BUT it also gives me the option to use the view finder if you want to do that instead. It's as easy as the flip of a switch. Also my old camera's screen was fixed. This screen moves and I LOVE that. It tilts up and down. Cody was nice and also bought me something extra. I haven't opened it and attached it yet but he read the reviews on line and everyone loves it. It's called a verticle grip and basically it attaches to the side of your camera so that when you turn your camera side ways to take a picture vertically, it has a trigger on the side so you don't have to try and get your finger on your original trigger on top of the camera. It sounds cool and I am sure once I get used to it I will love it too. Okay here are some pictures

I love our back yard because we have a bunch of huge trees but at the same time, I hate our back yard because the trees drop all kinds of fun stuff all over the trampoline. Pretty much every time we go out there I take the broom with us and TRY and sweep it off. Have you ever tried sweeping a trampoline? Yeah, it sucks. Because we have the net around it I can't just sweep it off the sides. I have to try and make a pile and then use the dust pan. Almost impossible to do since every time you step, everything falls towards you and the sweeping causes so much static it's unbelievable. Any ways. Tyler always wants to "help" Here is a picture of on the trampoline with the broom. He said, "Look mom I'm a witch!" haha

And here are a couple pictures of Kayla I took last night.

My camera is 14 mega pixels or something like that and I have heard people say that much over 10 doesn't really seem to make much difference. WELL, I think I might have to disagree. So far, it seems as though my pictures are picking up more detail that normal. We'll see though. I've only taken a handful of pictures so far but so far, I'm loving it


S said...

Your pictures look great. Tyler looks so blonde. What a great idea for a side switch for your camera. I'm glad you love it!

Crystal said...

Yeah, I really like that new camera. Kayla is so stinking cute!!