Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have a bunch of random pictures I want to post. The first is a picture of how my crazy girl likes to sleep. I lay her down on her back and she rolls onto her side. She then shoves her thumb into her mouth and then grabs her blanket and pulls it over her face! EVERY TIME.

I also took a some pictures of her with some cute socks on. I thought they were all really cute.

Tyler had some cup cakes that Aunt Stacie bought him.

Also, Tyler has been starting to draw stick figures. I am so excited about it. Is that dumb? It makes me giddy, so I took some pictures...

Here are some more random Ty pictures

This is supposed to be his potty chart...it turned into a sticker chart! haha Oh well...we actually had a successful potty day Sunday. It was AWESOME haha I never thought I would be SO excited about poop!

My boy LOVES his DVD's

He has been VERY into Tattoo's too

Here are more randoms...This is what happens when you don't blog for a couple of days...

I was REALLY hoping Tyler would nap Saturday. I went in to check on him and he had NOT napped and had pooped. I went to take his shorts off to change him and there was poop every where. Grrrrrrr. So I put him in the bath tub and was feeling mighty grumpy. I threw his sheets and blankets into the washer and then came back into the bathroom to find this! It made me laugh. He's so silly these days.

Tyler was painting before our unsuccessful nap time and Kayla and I were just sitting and watching him

My naked drooling girl playing with a maraca!

Ty playing with some flowers I bought to use for hair clips ( YUP, still buying stuff for hair clips )

This is a dress my friend Debbie bought her. I love the matching socks

And here are our painting pictures. Some are kind of artsy. It was funny because I was trying to get Tyler NOT to mix the paints all up. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that was IMPOSSIBLE! So I just let him go to town and eventually he started using his fingers. At one point he forgot he had paint on his hands and put his fingers in his mouth. YUCK! I ran him to the bathroom and wash his mouth with a wash cloth and then brushed his teeth.


Stacor said...

Aww...the Bumbo days! I used to prop Maximus up in his and tell him he was a big boy for sitting up. Frame that artwork! I can't wait for Max to make me paintings!

Crystal said...

I LOVED it when Brielle started drawing stick figures. It's even more fun what they start writing letters!!