Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where's Kayla?

I did a BUNCH of laundry the other day and then had a hard time getting to folding it. I finally put Kayla on the bed and she fell asleep while I folded laundry. I had to take a picture because it looked so funny. You could barely see her because she had grabbed onto our sheets and pull them up to her face. She is so crazy!

I am falling so far behind on our blog and rather then skip stuff, I am just going to type as little as possible and post a bunch of pictures.

I went to the other day and found a whole lot of activities you can print out and do. While I was printing some stuff out Tyler came over and saw what I was doing. He saw something for Ni Hao and asked me to click on it. I did and he saw a girl wearing red felt flowers in her hair just like Kai-Lan. He BEGGED me to make him some. So after "naps" ( he didn't actually take one ) we went to walmart and bought some craft supplies. We came home and made his Kai-Lan costume, as he called it. Check this out

He loved them SO much he asked me if he could sleep with them! haha My boy is nuts. We found some paints on sale at walmart and bought those too so today before story time at the library we did some painting.

I also found my old washable ink pad and did Kayla's hand prints and feet! Then Tyler wanted to do his hands too. It was fun. We went to the library and then came home and had lunch. I made Tyler take a bit of a strawberry and you should have seen the look on his face! I guess he doesn't do sour, but it was hysterical. Then I went out side to throw away a diaper and there was the tiniest caterpillar on my car. So I got Tyler and he though it was SO FUNNY! I took pictures, of course. It's funny because I am done with my 365 project and yet have STILL taken a picture every day so far this week.

Um, ignor how dirty my car is. Also, we bought Kayla a bumbo seat and I hope she will LOVE it. here she is looking so big sitting up!

These seats are SO expensive but I decided I didn't care since daddy is gone 3 months total and I needed extra hands. Hopefully it helps.

Here are just a few more pictures. Kayla got some hand me downs from Aunt Stacie...some might be a bad words...we got 6 HUGE bags full of clothes. haha That is what all the laundry was on my bed I was folding. So here she is asleep in my bed ( again ) in her "new" Dr. Pepper onesie from Aunt Stacie. She's got her bow on that mommy made her too! WOO HOO. I just absolutely love how she fell asleep with her finger in her mouth, her ankles crossed and the sheet pulled over half her face again. Good times

And that was our far. I guess it's only 4....

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