Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hospital Stay

Well, my poor dear husband is in the hospital! He got bit by something ( Dr. thinks it was a spider ) most likely while golfing on Saturday and it got infected. The Doctor said that the insect bite had infected the lymphnod veins causing Cellulitis. The Doctor also stated that he will make a full recovery, but he would have to remain hospitalized there for 7 to 10 days (the IV drip will continue this entire time). Doctor said that if professional treatment was not administered, then blood poisoning would have followed causing additional, more severe, medical condition.

Any ways, that was copy and pasted from an email I got forwarded to me from my brother in law Pete. Poor Cody, all alone in a German hospital for a week or so with no one there to be with him and will hardly even get to talk to me. BOOOOOOOO I will update y'all on this as soon as I can. I got to talk to him for a total of 2 minutes because he was using one of his co-workers cell phones. other then this depressing news we had a fabulous day that I will write about tomorrow. Good night

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